TVP #161: Every Vonuan A Content Creator with Fenix Aurora & Matthew Workman

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I talk about the release of my audiobook for Vonu: A Strategy for Self-Liberation with Fenix Aurora and Matthew Workman, two individuals who helped to make it a reality.

Fenix did the narration, Matthew the post-production work, and they did an amazing job!

We also got a better idea of who they are as self-liberators, learned about some of their projects, and got into a really great discussion on the importance of spiritual and mental liberation.


  • I promote VonuFest, our upcoming weeklong gathering of liberation here at the Veritas node of #TheFreeRepublic
  • My plans for a second edition of the book; leave the main content of the book and add introductory/conclusionary chapters to add updates and experiences
  • Matt provides some of his background — lots of experience in music production, now venturing into audiobook editing and other work for the liberty community
  • Matt talks about how the audiobook project came together, and how he and Fenix originally connected via Richard Grove’s Autonomy course
  • Fenix talks about his path here, learning about vonu, and some years experimenting with liberated lifestyles of his own
  • Fenix spent some time as a van nomad living out of his Explorer, then worked for Detroit Threat Management Center, a private defense firm in Detroit, Michigan; and finally, living on the road, doing expedited freight delivery; discusses Anarchy Radio
  • The importance of communicating these ideas effectively, and the necessity of the content sounding good, audio quality-wise
  • Matt’s EP: Premonitions by Brave Memory
  • The role of health in Matt’s journey
  • Fenix discusses the importance of mental and spiritual liberation, and his new workshops with Agnieszka Evenson
  • I ask them both: big dreams they’re working towards? Future liberation plans?
  • Contact Matt for audio or video projects: @MattWorkman on Telegram or [email protected]
  • Check out the Vonu: A Strategy for Self-Liberation audiobook!



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