TVP #61: Mesh Networking & Off-Grid Bitcoin with Richard Myers

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Richard Myers joins me to continue our crypto-anarchism series.

Richard is a decentralization engineer at Global Mesh Labs, goTenna (txTenna), and co-founder of BytabitAB, a mobile peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange. Subjects covered include:

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  • Richard’s background and ideological/philosophical adherence
  • Mesh Networking
    • What it is and how it differs from the First Realm Internet
    • The similarity in infrastructure between mesh networking and bitcoin
    • Problems/obstacles
    • Better for privacy?
  • His projects
    • What he’s working on, who they’re working with, and what it all means for freedom
    • Also, his peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange, BytabitAB
  • Mesh networking, bitcoin, and the lightning network
  • An off-grid bitcoin transaction
  • How spot on Rayo was
    • “Payment would most likely be in credits, transmitted thru the net to an ‘underground’ bank…” – Rayo, Vonu Life, July 1973
  • And much more…

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Show Notes:
Follow Richard on Twitter
Global Mesh Labs Whitepaper (A lightweight protocol to incentivize mobile peer-to-peer communication)
MuleTools GitHub (Alternative means of bitcoin transaction broadcast)
The Sovereign Individual: Mastering The Transition to the Information Age (Amazon Affiliate)
Blockstream’s Satellite

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