TVP #53: The Crypto-Anarchist Life with Smuggler

[Note: TVP #52 will be coming in the next day or two, I just wanted to get this one out as soon as possible.]

In this tenth episode of our crypo-anarchist series, I’m joined by Smuggler, a covert communications expert, from and co-author of Second Realm: Book on Strategy. He tells us:

  • How he got to this point
  • Why he wears a mask, how that is perceived by the servile society, and if the grey man (blending is) is always the best strategy
  • What crypto-anarchism is and isn’t, based off his 2018 talk at Hackers Congress
  • Why he’s no longer an anarcho-capitalist or an “agorist”
  • The fact that #agora isn’t as fictional as we would believe
  • His active temporary autonomous zone and the best strategy they have come up with for building Second Realms
  • Critiques of bitcoin from a crypto-anarchist point-of-view
  • Whether he thinks wallets like Samurai/Wasabi and the lightning network will improve the situation
  • Why he hates smart contracts
  • And much more…

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Show Notes:
Opaque.Link (Smuggler’s site)
Second Realm: Book on Strategy
2018 Hackers Congress: The Project of Cryptoanarchy
The Fog of Cryptowar (Article by Smuggler)

Building The Agora:
Enemy of The State’s Dank Pod Stash
Liberty Under Attack Publications

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