TVP Intermission #14: The Antiwar Rayo

War is mass murder. It is the most despicable action the State partakes in and leads to millions of dead, innocent civilians, the destruction of entire civilizations and economies, and leaves many homeless, starving, and dying of disease. It is the modern day version of sacrifice to the Gods, or in this case, the State. It brings out the absolute worst in people; supposed “Christians” who preach and practice non-violence in their daily lives wish and advocate for actions that would eliminate an entire geographical portion of people.

Rayo knew this and wrote about it extensively. He recognized the controlled schizophrenia at play within the servile society when it came to war. He understood the danger he faced in his pursuit of vonuence.

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In this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane and Jason highlight major instances of controlled schizophrenia in regards to the subject, read a few quotes from Rayo, and lay out some solutions on how to avoid the coercion of war.

As long as there is a servile-society, there will be States. As long as there are States, there will be war. It is incumbent upon all vonuans to take defensive measures against this primitive form of destruction.


Show Notes:
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War is a Racket by Smedley Butler


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