TVP #106 [Health Liberation/Self-Liberation] A Vonu Guide To Liberate Yourself From Big Pharma

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast‘s Health Liberation/Self-Liberation series, I’ll cover my next piece for Road to Autonomy Magazine. Herein, I cover the five most valuable pieces of health knowledge I learned over the past 16 or so months.

Bonus rants and information included!


In ~August 2018, I began a health journey that has led me to places I would have never expected. At that time, I set a personal goal to reverse my type 1 diabetes; I had no idea where to begin, just that it had to be possible. While the low carb/carnivore diet did reduce my A1C (a measurement of blood glucose control) quite significantly, it wasn’t going to reverse the condition.

The search continued: I read hundreds of papers on structure/function of the pancreas/endocrine system; I read about the prospects of using embryonic food factors (i.e. the stem cells/enzymes found within raw dairy, beef pancreas, etc.) to regenerate the alpha/beta islet cells in the pancreas; I also went to great lengths eliminating toxic influences (there’s a lot); and my current area of investigation, Traditional Chinese/Ayurvedic Medicine.

The former (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the only methodology I’ve come across with actual success in reversing this so-called dis-ease; and with how beautiful, understandable, and holistic the overall approach is (whether TCM or Ayurveda), it’s no surprise.

Since many folks are currently looking for solutions in the area of health, and also considering the rampant, growing coercion of Big Pharma, I figured I would put together a small guide of things I’ve learned.

Yada yada, it’s not medical advice. Just approach this area with the same logic, rationality, and creativity as you would self-liberation and you’ll do great!


1. All disease begins in the leaky gut.

Hippocrates knew this 2500 years ago, but it seems Western medicine is catching up. Whether we’re talking about autoimmune conditions like type 1 diabetes, metabolic disorders like insulin resistance, intestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, cancers, and even neuroinflammatory diseases like depression, schizophrenia, etc., these can all be traced to the gut.

Alzheimer’s disease, which is becoming ever more prevalent today, is even being called Type 3 diabetes.

Thankfully, a lot of research is being done into the gut microbiome and the role of antibiotic-induced gut dysbiosis. Just as in nature, if you disrupt the natural bacteria in the soil by, say, synthetic fertilizers, you will likely cause a chain reaction of imbalance within the natural ecosystem.

Similarly, in your body, if your gut bacteria becomes imbalanced by pharmaceutical toxins or a subsistence diet, the wrong types can proliferate (like intestinal candidas), which can be the origin of further imbalances in the body.

POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS: ▪Restore balance in the gut and support the body in its reparative process. ▪Consider Ozone Therapy/Ozonated oil. I’ve taken a few doses of it myself, but still too early to report back. ▪I’ve heard great things about activated charcoal, but am still waiting on mine to arrive. Worth looking into. ▪Look into a digestive enzyme supplement. I use a desiccated beef pancreas one. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your food as possible. ▪Consider altering your way-of-eating – generic, but most would benefit from this too.

(If you were looking for a silver bullet solution, I’m sorry, it’s not that easy.)


2. Eliminate the ingestion of toxins.

This one probably seems basic, but considering how toxic civilization is and how much nonsense we’re constantly exposed to, it’s worth mentioning. To make a fine point, it’s the pesticides (or related chemicals), pharmaceuticals, harmful radiation, heavy metals, home care/personal care products (endocrine disruptors), the tap water, chlorine, etc.

What people don’t understand is that the lungs, skin, kidneys/liver, etc. are primarily bodily detoxification pathways. In fact, the lungs tend to be the most often used. This is one reason why, especially considering the unreliability and ease of manipulation (via PCR amplification cycles) of the testing method, I’ve always had a hard time taking this COVID nonsense seriously.

For more information, check out my interview with the now-late David Crowe, of The Infectious Myth podcast.


3. Fix nutrient/vitamin deficiencies.

As I’m moving away from the reductionist/hyper-objectivist nature of Western allopathic medicine, this is one I will probably reduce in importance at some point. After all, if you’re growing/raising your own high quality, organic food in accordance with nature, this problem should fix itself.

Whether it’s a deficiency of Vitamin D, precious minerals like zinc & copper, or even a cholesterol/saturated fat deficient diet (this great paper is worth reading), if your body doesn’t have what it needs to maintain, build, and restore, you’re going to have problems.

It’s no surprise that they’re finding a majority of people experiencing the “symptoms of COVID” are also being found to have extremely low levels of Vitamin D.

POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS: Most people could do well with supplements for magnesium, iodine, copper/zinc (complexity increases – the ratio of these two has to remain in balance), and the fat soluble vitamins (D3 & K2 tend to be the lowest for most).*

*NOTE: Where you get your supplements and what form they’re in is important. I personally recommend and use Avatar Products (Sofia Smallstorm) and AlfaVedic products.


4. Recognize the importance of breathing, yoga, and meditation in achieving physical health/wellbeing.

When dining with fellow P.A.Z.NIANS this past Thanksgiving, I made the off-hand comment that, “I first learned how to properly breathe when I was 28…two weeks ago, actually.”

I’ve always been a stressed and worried person my entire life and I never really had good coping mechanisms. Learning how to breathe properly and utilizing some meditative techniques, I can avoid the physical manifestations (i.e. the release of stress hormones, increased blood glucose in the bloodstream) entirely and deal with the emotions (“energy-in-motion”) in a calm and collected manner.

I mentioned the “silver bullet solution” above…well, if there is one, its breathing. As Dr. Barre Lando titled an important presentation on the subject, “Breathing Is A Strategy.” Check it out!

In terms of yoga, it seems there a million different styles of each, some calming, some stimulating; some focusing on stretching, some breathing; etc.

Beyond that, I’m an amateur, but it’s not hard work. Just do it, and do it consistently!


5. When in doubt, get out of the way and let the body do its job.

Anytime you go into a Pharma doctor’s office, they’re going to look for something to treat. And 99% of the time, the treatment provided interferes with some other bodily process, requiring another medication, and so on.

And as humans, we often tend to want to try and do something (interfere), even if it’s best to leave it alone.

It’s really important to keep in mind how miraculous the human body is. If you cut your hand, you can watch it create new cells and repair it to perfection. All day every day, your body is running millions of processes and enzymatic reactions at any given time and responding to endless internal and external stimuli.

And if you’re like me and you shouldn’t be alive when considering all of the vaccines, the mostly self-induced “diabetes”, being unconscious for three days after a Grand mal seizure, and all of the other damage you’ve done to your body in short order, at some point, you just have to have a little faith.


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