TVP #5: Political Crusading, Bullshit Libertarianism, Sheep People, & Bullshitters

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane and Kyle present Rayo’s position on political action. The title of the show consists of derisive terms he used in his articles and reflect our position as well. Furthermore, we discuss the most recent (s)election cycle and all of the madness that ensued (and hint at “why”), as well as the history behind Rayo’s writings–that is, what was going on at the time, the years his articles were written, and much more.

If we could condense this episode into one sentence, it would be this: political crusading is a bullshit strategy and bullshit libertarianism (i.e. the “Libertarian Party”) isn’t libertarianism.

Kyle’s Article: Some Thoughts on Political Crusading