TVP #46: Keeping Communications Secure – The Importance of Encryption

We’re actually quite lucky today when it comes to the availability and treatment of encryption. Throughout the 20th century, when digital encryption was first being developed, governments were terrified: the propagation of encryption throughout the world meant that things would “go dark,” making their job that much more difficult (great!).


The NSA requested that scientists and cryptographers submit their academic research papers to them first, mainly so that they could classify the new technology and threaten a bunch of nerds with years in prison if they ever talked about it. The State, using the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, regulated the export of encryption and forced corporations to intentionally weaken their protocols (this is the same regulation used against Cody Wilson and his publication of the 3D Liberator pistol CAD files online).

That is, until the crypto-anarchists cames along…

In this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Kyle and I tell you all about encryption: what is it, how to encrypt different mediums of communication, why encryption is absolutely necessary for vonuans, and how to get started if you’re new to this field.

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Show  Notes:
Crypto by Steven Levy
The Fog of Cryptowar by Smuggler
PGP Tutorial (Windows)
PGP Tutorial (Mac)

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