TVP #63: The Fog of Cryptowar with Smuggler

In recent months, banning cryptography has been a hot topic of discourse within the servile society. Encryption is becoming stronger and harder to break, and therefore, “law enforcement” is having problems doing their jobs.

As vonuans, we say, “Good,” but the resulting inevitable regulation will have an impact on all privacy advocates, which means vonuans as well.

In October 2017, our friend, Smuggler, from, wrote an extensive article on the topic titled The Fog of Cryptowar. In this episode, he joins me once again to discuss:

  • The possibilities the State has when it comes to regulating encryption;
  • Why arguments made against the banning of encryption are bad;
  • The encryption debate in the 1990s versus today;
  • What impact governments could have on cryptography;
  • Potential implications for privacy advocates;
  • Smuggler’s predictions on what’s to come in the crypto war;
  • And much more…

Show Notes:
Opaque.Link (Smuggler’s site)
Second Realm: Book on Strategy
2018 Hackers Congress: The Project of Cryptoanarchy
The Fog of Cryptowar (Article by Smuggler)

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