TVP #54: Deterrence Dispensed with IvanTheTroll

On this 12th episode of our crypto-anarchism series, I’m joined by IvanTheTroll, from the decentralized gun enthusiast group, Deterrence Dispensed (a nod to Defense Distributed).

After posting gun schematics and videos pertaining to the home manufacturing of firearms, Ivan garnered the “love and attention” of one New Jersey State Senator. Senator Melendez lobbied Twitter to take down Ivan’s account and halt the proliferation of these files on the platform, as they could be in violation of New Jersey state law.

Of course, Twitter bent over and complied, but that did not stop Ivan or his colleagues. Rather, Deterrence Dispensed is now operating smoother than ever before and their incredible work is only advancing in a positive direction.

Please note, this is a longer episode — roughly 3 hours in length. We covered everything from his background, how Cody Wilson influenced him, what they’ve been working on, the different types of 3D printers (home, commercial, industrial, etc.), a whole slew of listener questions (starting at 2 hours in), and much more.

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Show Notes:
Deterrence Dispensed Twitter
Deterrence Dispensed BitBacker
Deterrence Dispensed Keybase
Deterrence Dispensed Gun Streamer
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