TVP #87: Beware The Rockefeller Medicine (Wo)Man: The Vaccine, Germ Theory, & AIDS Frauds (1 of 2)

Most never question the origins of their beliefs, regardless of the subject matter; similarly, in the realm of science, the majority never actually utilize the tool/skill set, and instead trust/rely on authorities who have every reason in the world to mislead and deceive

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Of course, this is the case with the etiology (cause(s)/origin(s)) of disease, too.

For at least the last 100 years, we’ve been told that the primary causes are “invisible enemies” called viruses, which are passed back-and-forth among the population, leading to disease, mostly in the realm of respiratory-like illnesses.

We are told that there is little we can do; that we as mere individuals are powerless, and that we must seek out the Pharma Gods in lab coats for their petrochemical-based, pharmacological salvation.


It was nonsense when the fraud, Louis Pasteur, was peddling it, and it’s nonsense now that Jeffrey Epstein’s buddies are recommending you wear goggles and face masks.

It was also nonsense back in 1993, when Bill Cooper covered the subject on his radio show, The Hour of The Time.

In this part 1, you’ll catch episodes 137, 233, and 234 of his (de)program on vaccines and germ theory. Part 2 will be released in the coming days, and will focus on the fraud of AIDS.

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