TVP Intermission #53: Kerry Thornley, Lee Harvey Oswald, MKUltra, & The JFK Assassination

What do Lee Harvey Oswald, MKUltra, & the JFK Assassination have in common?

Well, apparently, Kerry Thornley, an associate of Rayo, self-liberator, and fellow contributor to Innovator, Ocean Freedom Notes/Ocean Living (OFN/OL), and other publications.

In this short episode, I cover:

  • A couple of excerpts from OFN/OL (available soon) that discuss the Kerry Thornley/Oswald/Attorney Garrison saga;
  • Thornley’s 1968 article, “Is Jim Garrison Out of His Mind?
  • Some information from, including possible connections to MKUltra

Please enjoy, and consider sharing around if you can! Thanks.

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