TVP #91: Scientific Consensus, The History of Allopathic Medicine, & More with Dr. Stephanie Murphy and Darrell Becker

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, the #Health Liberation / #SelfLiberation series continues! Herein, you catch a conversation between me, Darrell Becker, and Dr. Stephanie Murphy, which was originally broadcasted live on October 27th, 2016.

We covered a lot of scientific and health related topics and I figured it was worthy of inclusion in this series.

  • Stephanie’s background, her transition from Ph.D. to professional voice actress
  • Medical language complicated by design; the patronizing of patients by doctors
  • Both The State and Pharma Quacks label disobeyers as “non-compliant”; the former toss you in cages, the second could “fire you” as a patient
  • Darrell and his colleagues’ experience, that most of what is learned in medical school is clinically and practically useless, or even counter-productive
  • There’s no such thing as “idiopathic” (unknown) in holistic medicine; always causal vectors
  • The crazy history of medicine: allopathic medicine used the State to force out its holistic competition, barbaric treatments like mercury, etc.
  • Studies proving substances unsafe and toxic are covered up; the conflict-of-interest-ridden, scam of a Food Pyramid
  • My story: being a good, obedient slave to Big Pharma growing up; health improves as people disregard medical authorities
  • Tips from Darrell on doing/thinking about medical research; humility is important
  • An overview of Disciplined Minds by Jeff Schimdt, Ph.D.; how the servile society indoctrinates and controls “professionals”
  • Doctors don’t understand the danger of the treatments they prescribe/give
  • A discussion on the Placebo/Nocebo Effect: the former is a benefit from a “fake” drug, the latter is a perceived side effect of a supposedly innocuous treatment
  • The obsession with certainty; when in reality, the truth comes from curiosity and asking questions. Darrell discusses the entrenched beliefs across all industries
  • Stephanie’s reflections on medical school, burnout, etc., and how Disciplined Minds seems to resonate with her
  • Darrell’s experiences with medical school; lots of divorce, destroyed relationships, etc.
  • Scientific consensus: definitions, a brief explanation, and a big hurdle to scientific truths
  • Stephanie provides some of her thoughts on vaccines (that are not medical advice)
  • Be weary of these massive PR machines; the incentives are for making money/controlling perception, not in your health or wellbeing


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