TVP #168: From Investment Banking, To Self-Liberation in the Mediterranean with George Papp (The Conscious Renegade)

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome George Papp, a co-founder of The Conscious Renegade, on for a discussion about his journey to self-liberation. A former investment banker, 2020 was the catalyst for his exit from the First Realm.

Since then, he’s been building up valuable digital skills and made a move to Cypress, an island in the Mediterranean, to pursue self-sufficiency in all areas: financial, food, health, etc.

In this discussion, he delivers a potential pathway out of the servile society for those still looking for an escape…

And highlights the importance of owning our own time, and focusing our attention on ourselves and our own growth, versus what the powers that shouldn’t be are doing.

Please enjoy, and always remember, vonu is yours for the making.


  • George begins with an introduction: his background, upbringing, servile society control of time, all which lead to him leaving investment banking for a freer lifestyle
  • His family played a role in “waking him up” by sharing conspiracy/truth videos over the years, until it finally all clicked a couple years ago
  • When he was working from home in 2020, he spent a lot more time in nature, building up skills to eventually leave the rat race — “this is more the way life is supposed to be”
  • George’s tips for transitioning from the First Realm to the Second
  • Strategic relocation possibilities: Cypress, the Mediterranean, and some better options in the E.U.
  • What liberated lifestyles would be possible in Cypress?
  • The current environment for freedom pioneers, & other tools/strategies he finds important going forward
  • Learn skills that will provide you financial independence, learn privacy tools, and learn privacy coins
  • Food quality and health in Europe vs. the USSA?
  • Future plans: build The Renegade Lifestyle, become self-sufficient, improve health everyday
  • Overall advice: focus on yourself, your family, your own freedom, your own lifestyle



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