TVP #15: Ethical Enclaves – The Precursor to Agorism

With each new law and regulation passed, the opportunities to profit from black and grey market trading increase. The practice of this is more commonly known as agorism, but it didn’t originate from Samuel Edward Konkin III.

Rather, it originated from Rayo with what he called ethical enclaves:

“An ethical enclave is defined here as voluntary transactions between individuals who are living under a collectivist government, when such transactions are conducted independent of that government. “Ethical” denotes the distinguishing characteristic of the participating individuals: an adherence to the ethical principle of voluntarism, the principle that no one should initiate violence or threat of violence against another. And “enclave” denotes physical emersion within a philosophically alien society. An ethical enclave is not necessarily a separate geographical entity.”

In this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane and Kyle cover what Rayo had to say, they compared/contrasted vonu with agorism, did a little bit of relevant philosophizing, explained why security culture is important for both agorists and ethical enclave traders, and conclude this part one of two attempting to answer questions posited by Rayo on the overarching subject.

One final note: typically, Kyle’s article on what we will be discussing comes out before the release of the episode–it’s coming, but is just not completed yet.

Please enjoy, share the episode around, and let us know what you think!

Show Notes:

Samuel Konkin III (SEK3) on Rayo and Vonu: Different Approaches?