TVP Intermission #31: Becoming Uncontrollable Opposition (Shane on SchoolSucks)

I had the pleasure of joining Brett Veinotte on his Schools Sucks Podcast, recorded live and in-person from the Midwest Peace of Liberty Fest. This is that episode. Here are the show notes that Brett put together:

Who is Bill Cooper? How did he help? How did he hinder? What’s his relationship to Alex Jones? Why was he killed in the Fall of 2001? Today we’ll be answering 4/5 of those questions to your satisfaction.

Shane Radliff is the creator of Liberty Under Attack Publications and the host of the Vonu Podcast. I first encountered Shane’s work in 2016 and I was immediately impressed with his focus on practical self-liberation strategies; he had assembled a comprehensive list of empowering pursuits (with instruction) under the umbrella of his Direct Action series.

But Shane’s journey, like mine, did not start in the most empowering of places. He says he wound up in a “conspiratorial rabbit hole” which eventually even included a brief adventure into so-called sovereign citizenship.

Shane’s primary guide through this period: Bill Cooper. I knew little about Bill; starting in 2004 I had instead followed Alex Jones, after encountering him through Coast To Coast AM and the 9/11 Truth movement. Alex Jones and Bill Cooper, despite sharing a similar worldview featuring similar dire warnings, were not allies.

Shane and I contrast our early experiences trying to gain a better of what was happening in the world, with our different guides, at different times (Shane is 14 years younger than I am), and in different media environments. Ultimately we’ll share stories about how we adopted healthier and more constructive frames of mind, without having to abandon our awareness of the treacheries of this world.

Check out Liberty Under Attack Publications for books, privacy tools, & apothecary items to aid you in your pursuit of self-liberation, or if you’re an author looking for a liberty-focused publisher!

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