TVP #153: [Bill Cooper] The Porterville Presentation 1997 Talk

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I re-release Bill Cooper’s 1997 Porterville Presentation, one of the first of his I ever came across that set me on this path.

In this 10+ hour presentation (condensed to be a couple hours shorter), he covers a wide, wide variety of topics, practically (the importance of Truth, living in accordance with Natural Law), conspiratorial (symbolism & relevance of JFK assassination, Oklahoma City Bombing), and otherwise (even a “breaking news” militia event).

Obviously, I never agreed with everything Bill did, nor do I now — but to be sure, there’s some immense value within his broadcasts and talks.

All credit goes to Bill & Hour of The Time. No copyright infringement intended.

Rest in peace, Bill! Please enjoy.

I removed a few transitionary sections (ex. day 1 to day 2), a section on militias (see 2020 episode of TVP if interested), and a really technical, outdated section on home FM radio transmitters/satellite.

VIDEO ENDS AT ~1:09:00 into talk


  • Bill begins with the programmed beliefs of the servile society — a lot of folks follow the same religious, political, and misc. beliefs strictly because it’s what their parents did, it’s what they grew up with
  • Believing blindly is the one of the most dangerous behaviors in this world
  • Giving flawed human beings power is a ridiculous proposition — they will fall into the temptation, the power will continually corrupt
  • Lack of freedom = being subject to someone else’s will
  • The Constitution is merely a contract; a contract we are not party to or bound to
  • Victim mentality/the victim mindset, and the root, underlying reason for a victim society
  • Our fake history — Thomas Jefferson hated Christianity, Benjamin Franklin was deep into occult and depravity, & the secret destiny of America
  • The vast majority of religion is brainwashing — whether Judaism, Catholicism, Baptist, etc.
  • The “Founders” KNEW that if “we” were given freedom, a large federal government would eventually cease control and topple the kings and queens around the world
  • Learn and understand the Hegelian Dialectic
  • Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, and individuals & publications you need to keep up-to-date with, as what they say usually happens a couple of/some years later
  • The basic unit of freedom is the family
  • Bill calls out the centralized message/narrative & propaganda coming from basically all newspapers, radio stations, TV networks, etc.
  • The hidden version of human history taught in the Mystery Schools — that, in the Golden Age, man was held hostage in the Garden of Eden by a vindictive God, and that Lucifer, through his agent, Satan, freed men through intellect
  • The significance of Prometheus, fire, and the origin of sun-worshipping religions
  • The ancient pyramids were not burial chambers, but temples of initiation; and the secrets of Nature are encoded within them
  • Control of man has always been by the control and use of technology — the technology just evolved from a bone used as a weapon/club, to mind-warping spy-devices in pockets
  • Bill’s experience and belief: if you’re doing the right thing, if you’re living in accordance with Natural Law/Divine Will, you will be taken care of — never doubt it
  • The importance of trusts, and Bill’s unique setup/recommendations
  • Bill’s radio station, affiliate microstations/microbroadcasters around the world — a distributed radio network
  • The FCC’s laws/jurisdiction when it comes to home FM radio broadcasting
  • Bill answers an audience question about Mark Koernke, an alleged officer of naval intelligence, & a discussion about the rampant disinformation/misinformation in the “Truth community”
  • The real Zapruder film, the JFK relevance & symbolism behind the JFK assassination/Dealey Plaza, and the mystery unraveled
  • Live with the Truth, regardless of what it is and how much it hurts
  • Bill goes through the power of trusts, how he had his affairs setup/protected for posterity, and how to get started
  • Freemasonry, secret societies, politicians talking in symbolic language, and “gaslighting the masses”
  • The key is to learn the symbolism, the history, the language — once you do, events start to make a bit of sense
  • Who killed JFK? Bill explains by decoding Oliver Stone’s film (The Ossyrian Myth essentially)
  • He decodes Stanley Kubrick’s, “2001: A Space Odyssey”
  • Black’s Law Dictionary, 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, and the difference between daily language and legal language; crucial if you’re going to represent yourself in court, write your own affidavits, etc.
  • Bill decodes the back of the dollar bill and provides some historical information on the Knight’s Templar, the Crusades, the Vatican, etc.
  • Project Redlight, a documentary by Bill & his team on the history of the space program
  • Groom Lake, “UFO’s”, advanced/suppressed technology, and the 1984(?) “UFO” flyover of the White House
  • An analysis of numerous NASA photographs
  • Bill does a Q&A session
  • What’s the #1 solution? Then, Bill says educating with truthful information
  • What kind of technology do the UFO’s use? He doesn’t know, but points to electro-magnetism and probably the work of Nikola Tesla

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