TVP #47: Mesh Networking – Applications for Self-Liberators with Brian Sovryn

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Kyle and I welcome our first ever guest to the main podcast feed, Brian Sovryn, host of the Sovryn Tech Podcast. Herein, we discuss mesh networking and the various applications it may have for self-liberators/vonuans.


We also cover the concept of data mules and how that could be used to provide networking infrastructure for an off-grid, van nomad community, the Briar Project, and TxTenna, a possible way to send and receive crypto-currencies without access to the Internet.

Relying upon First Realm/statist-servile society infrastructure makes one more vulnerable to coercion. Brian provides us with some potential ways around it.

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Show Notes:
Data Mules
Mesh Networking
The Briar Project

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