TVP #64: [LIVING ON BITCOIN] Max Hillebrand’s Unbanking Journey

On this previously live episode of The Vonu Podcast, I’m joined by Max Hillebrand.

Max is an open source entrepreneur, a bitcoin enthusiast, a Rothbardian anarchist, and a sound money agorist. But, I’d also attach the label of “vonuan” to him as well.

On this episode of our crypto-anarchy series, we chat about:

  • What’s new with Wasabi wallet
  • What led him to begin working towards becoming unbanked
  • How bitcoin played a role in that decision
  • How it is to live on bitcoin: the advantages, disadvantages, etc.
  • A more full spectrum look at his vonu, van nomad life
  • Live audience questions
  • And much more!

To find all of Max’s work, please check out his website and follow him on Twitter!

Check out Liberty Under Attack Publications for tools to aid you in your self-liberation, or if you’re an author looking for a liberty-focused publisher!

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