TVP #93: [The Road To Autonomy/Vonu] A Pit Stop At P.A.Z.NIA

On this extremely special episode of The Vonu Podcast, recorded live at the first ever VonuFest, I’m joined by Silas Soule, the host of the RtA Radio Podcast.


Herein, topics of discussion include:

  • An introduction to the Road To Autonomy magazine and RtR Radio with Silas and Dharma Eyer
  • The origins of the magazine
  • Various attendees’ thoughts on VonuFest/P.A.Z.NIA, improvements for next year, other considerations, etc.
    • Silas, Dharma, Stag, Henza/Tsomof, Ora, Bueller, and Fenix
  • Stag talks about his regenerative farm in New York and the importance of autonomy/freedom
  • Ora talks about the P.A.Z.NIA passports and her role at The Free Republic
  • Bueller talks about his other experiences at leftist TAZs/intentional communities, the importance of learning from others, etc.
  • Fenix discusses his “commercial” vonu lifestyle; the benefit of being able to travel and see friends, fellow vonuans, etc.
  • And much more…

Check out The Rebirth of Freedom ceremony, recorded live at VonuFest!

View on Flote before 9/30!

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