TVP #148: Christianity, The Bible, Natural Law, Anarchy, & Contentions with Modern Marriage with Paul Rosenberg (A 2018 LUA Radio Classic)

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I re-release another 2018 episode of LUA Radio with Renaissance man & crypto-anarchist, Paul Rosenberg, this one recorded live/in-person at a fellow anarchist’s house in Chicago.

Herein, we cover additional themes found in his fiction book, A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, specifically issues related to Christianity/its modern practice, The Bible & Jesus being exemplifications of anarchy/natural law, as well as contentions within the marriage/sex/relationship sphere.

We conclude with a discussion on how the elements of art, aesthetics, marriage, spirituality, etc. would look like & develop in the Second Realm.


  • The Christianity that’s practiced today isn’t what it used to be; the Bible being Natural Law
  • Early Christians were focused on DOING what Jesus did and what he taught; the focus changed to “religion” and arguing about doctrine shortly thereafter
  • Was Jesus an anarchist?
  • Paul’s thoughts on how Romans 13 and other authoritarian/pro-government nonsense got tossed into the Bible
  • The Bible as Natural Law?
  • Jesus taught that healing was a “power”/tool that we ALL have access to
  • Much of what is attributed to Jesus, he never actually said
  • Jesus was just a noticeably better human than everyone else; that’s why he was killed
  • Paul’s issues with modern marriage, sexuality, and relationships, some of which were discussed in A Lodging of Wayfaring Men
  • Endless contradictions within statist families lead to children/adults incapable of utilizing rationality/logic — if they were to start doing so, their entire life would seemingly crumble
  • #agora’s “overt” take on sexuality/marriage, and how the areas of marriage, spirituality, art, music, aesthetics, etc. may develop in the Second Realm

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