TVP #151: The Great P.A.Z.NIA Bitcoin Mines with Alex Dischinger (@TucsonBitcoin)

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Alex Dischinger (@TucsonBitcoin) joins me to talk about The Great P.A.Z.NIAN Bitcoin Mines.

More specifically, we cover the basics of bitcoin mining; solo mining vs. mining pools; the logisitics of a distributed mining network; the impact breakthrough/”free” energy will have on mining/bitcoin, and much more.

Check out his podcast, Toxic Airwaves, and if you’re ever near Tucson, make sure to check out one of his bitcoin meetups!


  • Alex begins with his background, path of liberation, and getting involved in the bitcoin mining industry
  • Statism is the most radical ideology, anarchism/voluntaryism isn’t
  • How Toxic Airwaves/bitcoin media came about
  • My experience with mining, mainly a few shitcoins, easy setup, etc.
  • Bitcoin Mining 101: it’s role in the bitcoin network, block rewards, halvings, energy usage, etc.
  • Bitcoin Mining: turning energy into money (tying the digital asset of bitcoin to the real world)
  • What role breakthrough (“free”) energy will have on bitcoin mining and the overall network
  • The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein
  • Heat your house, pools, hot tubs, or saunas with bitcoin miners!
  • Alex provides an overview on home mining equipment currently available and his recommendations on getting started
  • Check the cost of residential/commercial electricity where you are — location does have an impact on best, most profitable places to mine
  • Initial investment capital necessary ($500-600 for miner, power distribution unit, electrical modifications)
  • Check potential mining profitability calculator and mining pool information
  • Solo mining vs. mining pools, his experiences, and profitability comparisons
  • Defining terms: hash rates, difficulty adjustments, etc. (note: the BEST explanation of difficulty adjustments I’ve heard)
  • Other benefits of mining and other important areas to discuss
  • The Great P.A.Z.NIA Bitcoin Mines (a distributed mining network for the Second Realm)
  • Tucson Bitcoin — bitcoin, privacy, and anarchist meetups all across Arizona; educating individuals on bitcoin privacy, KYC-free bitcoin, and more
  • Bitcoin is powerful, if used correctly
  • More logistics and discussion on The P.A.Z.NIA Bitcoin Mines
  • The S9 Miner
  • Running your own node — consider a Pruned Node
  • The CoinJoin Wars: his thoughts on the tech behind Wasabi and Samourai wallets
  • The importance of building a circular economy with bitcoin — makes price fluctuations less substantial when it’s always coming and going
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