New Vonu Publications & Shane on The Liberty Forge Podcast

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane provides you with some updates (below) and releases his guest appearance on The Liberty Forge Podcast, wherein him and Kyle Turnblazer discussed Rayo and vonu quite extensively.


  • VONULIFE, March 1973 — just waiting for Kyle to finish proofreading his copy and complete the afterword — then it will be released
  • We have acquired a whole new batch of publications that will be digitized which include:
    • VONU: Book 2 — Letters from Rayo
    • Survival Gardening Notes
    • Ocean Freedom Notes 1984-1990
    • Low-Cost Living Notes
    • Dwelling Portably May 1994
    • Going Mobile by Tom Marshall, Roberta, and More
    • Much, much more
  • If you’d like to help with the digitization process or with the VONULIFE audiobook narrations, please email Shane

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