TVP #125: Transforming The Darkness with Regan Keely [Spiritual Self-Liberation]

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Regan Keely from Transforming The Darkness for our newest installment of this unofficial spiritual self-liberation series.

We cover a lot and the full show guide is below, but at its core, we discuss the powers of self-liberation that lie within each and everyone us, and how the First Realm, the servile society, does everything in its power to quell that generative force of creation.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to build the Second Realm.


  • Regan fills us in on what she’s been up to since we last from her a few years back; spiritual healing & seeing the infinite possibilities
  • She tells us about her previous and upcoming van nomad adventures; planned pilgrimages to see sacred sites, visit P.A.Z.NIA, etc.
  • I inform her about the interesting history around the southern Illinois area: Cahokia Mounds just outside of St. Louis and a pyramid in the middle of the wilderness at Bell-Smith Springs Park
  • I provide my updated perspective and viewpoint on the world, life, and self-liberation; perception management via information control & psychological warfare
  • The first step to healing is believing; waking up to your inner power makes seeing through the deceptions of the First Realm easily — you realize it’s all built to disempower
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza demonstrated the power of spirituality/meditation — after an accident & a bad back injury, he was told he would never walk again
  • Most of what we’ve been told growing up is bullshit; the importance in opening your mind to endless possibilities, but of course with discernment
  • Freedom or feardom, and how a macro perspective on spirituality and the universe helps to quell unhelpful emotions like fear, worry, etc.; Regan shares tips on better ways to assess and handle emotions (energy-in-motion)
  • A personal observation: the more I bring my actions in alignment with my principles and natural law, the easier life gets and the simpler my desires come into fruition.
  • Regan speaks to “the quickening,” or feeling/facing the effects of our thoughts, emotions, and actions much quicker than before
  • Cerebral/cognitive counter-economics — starving the State of energy rather than financially
  • Regan gives her overall perspective & outlook on the recent past and the exciting, yet still concerning, future
  • The First Realm/servile society is only going to get weirder & wild; more and more glitches in the matrix
  • The importance of working more with folks who have foresworn the use of coercion and have come to live these ideas; the critical importance of building/creating
  • The generative force of creation, and the power of more and more self-liberators focusing on building the agora, the Second Realm, and the overarching P.A.Z.NIA Network
  • The First Realm’s atheistic, rationalistic programming; divorcing individuals from all meaning, & from spirit/creator/source/[insert descriptor here]
  • Regan discusses the importance of finding our history and origins, and how this confusion leads to said divorcing from all meaning and purpose
  • This ancestral disconnection separates us from wisdom over the ages
  • I bring up the work of Michelle Gibson & Howdie Micoski, and some of their work digging into the World’s Fairs of the 1850s to early 1900s; and an alchemist on YouTube who explores free energy technologies, making monoatomic gold, etc.
  • Regan discusses what role the philosophy of anarchy plays into her current views, outlook, perspective, and life in general
  • Regan tells us about her website,, and all that she offers there: videos, group meditations, courses, energy healing, writings and more



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