TVP #169: [The Killing of The King] JFK Assassination Solved (& Kerry Thornley Was Involved?!) with Cory Hughes

On this episode of The #Vonu Podcast, I welcome Cory Hughes, a historical researcher, to the show to talk about his work on the JFK assassination, with a focus on the involvement & actions of Kerry Thornley, an old colleague of Rayo & editor of INNOVATOR/OCEAN FREEDOM NOTES.

Cory was able to determine the setup before-the-fact, the happenings the day of the assassination, the shooters who were involved, and the events that transpired at the Texas Theatre (wherein Thornley was also arrested that day as an apparent “Second Oswald”).

The truth is stranger than fiction, and this entire saga is no different…join us as we close the JFK case, discover the role Kerry played, and get a firsthand demonstration of the effectiveness of spycraft/tradecraft tactics.

Please enjoy, share the podcast around if you can, and see you in the Second Realm!


  • Cory introduces his background into historical research, his podcast, & work with Forbidden Knowledge News, and his last 4 years basically 100% focused on the JFK assassination
  • His brief background as a cop with actual investigative experience, and putting together the JFK research as if he were going to introduce it to a State’s Attorney
  • Key points going forward: 1) with the JFK assassination, the relationships between individuals are more important than physical evidence, and 2) understanding the overt and extensive use of psychological warfare over the 20th century
  • I read an excerpt from “Caught in the Crossfire: Kerry Thornley, Lee Harvey Oswald, & The Garrison Investigation,” confirming from Kerry himself much of the connections that Cory has discovered in his research
  • “Kerry wouldn’t know the truth if it strangled him to death” – contradictory statements everywhere, fake stories that never happened, & Cory suspects he had extensive intelligence experience laying out false leads/rumors
  • Some of Kerry’s connections: David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald & Marina, Guy Bannister, Jack Valenti, LBJ
  • Any evidence of Kerry/Oswald being victims of MKUltra? Adam Gorightly claims that the two bases they were stationed at overseas were the two that conducted LSD experimentation in this vein
  • Robert Anton Wilson & Kerry Thornley were CIA, and The Discordian Society was probably a CIA front to attract weirdos for them to recruit from (i.e. LSD experimentation, Charles Manson)
  • Background on the CIA/OSS, spycraft/tradecraft, psychological warfare, multiple Oswalds, and how all of this could have gone down
  • Thornley wasn’t necessarily impersonating Oswald, just being in certain places/situations, giving people the opportunity to misidentify (and they looked strikingly similar)
  • Witness statements confirm that it was actually Kerry that shot/killed Officer J.D. Tippits, not Oswald
  • The JFK assassination as a Killing of the King ritual? Cory found some creepy pictures from Dealey Plaza that day, and Bill Cooper also came to the same conclusion, a different way, in the mid 1990’s
  • Cory runs through all the shooters the day of the assassination
  • The events at the Texas Theatre: Oswald arrested on main level, Thornley (“A Second Oswald”) arrested, dragged out the back, and released out of balcony
  • The effectiveness of spycraft/tradecraft
  • The bigger implications of all this: ties to the MLK assassination, Hollywood, Zionism, stolen history, future false flags, etc.
  • Cory provides an overview of his massive, coming book, laying the JFK case to rest once-and-for-all
  • Find all of his work at & support his efforts at
  • Cory’s FULL 7+ HOUR JFK Documentary



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