TVP #126: Spagyrics, The Skyclock, & Self-Liberation with Phoenix Aurelius

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Phoenix Aurelius, a spagyricist/medical astrologer, a gentleman I’ve been excited to speak to for some time.

Phoenix runs the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy, wherein he helps his clients reverse symptoms of so-called dis-ease utilizing spagyric herbal formulations, intrinsic data field readings, biodynamic/permaculture farming principles, and taking into account influences of the Skyclock (i.e. moon cycles, planetary influences, etc.).

Herein, Phoenix lays out the basics of spagyrics, covers the background/history of its practice, and in essence, how this holistic field has played a massive part in his pursuit of liberation…and how it can assist you in yours, too.



  • Phoenix introduces us to his research academy, his background/path here, and what got him into the realm of spagyrics
  • An introduction to spagyric history & practice; background on Paracelsus; the differences between a spagyric formulation and an herbal remedy
  • The “elements” to separate, purify, and recombine: sulfur, mercury, and salt (the soul, spirit, and body respectively)
  • He speaks briefly to the influence of Christian mysticism on spagyrics, and the Biblical metaphors surrounding it
  • Spagyrics falling out of favor, due to its language and methodological ties to the alchemical perspective, and the rise of scientific imperialism
  • Liquor being sold & labeled as “spirits”, and the role alcohol plays in his work
  • The spagyric process for homeopathics; the different schools of homeopathic thought (electro-homeopathy)
  • Cell salts being an application of electro-homeopathy
  • Frequency is the above, the physical body is below — spagyrics bringing them both together
  • The role of meditation/spirituality in spagyrics; Rosicrucians and other secret societies keeping these practices alive
  • How he uses the Skyclock in the field of spagyrics; his evolution through various astrological schools-of-thought in pursuit of efficacy and demonstrable truth — tropical, to Vedic sidereal, to true sidereal vis-a-vis Athen Chimenti
  • The ability of true sidereal astrology to properly assess and cure “dis-ease” using IDF broadcasting
  • Alchemi-culture is a new way to demonstrate these spagyric principles by way of agriculture and ecology
  • Phoenix provides important clarification on tropical, sidereal, and Vedic astrology
  • The five causes of so-called dis-ease from the Parecelsian perspective
  • The intrinsic data field, IDF readings, and uses for health and self-liberation (also known as radionics)
  • I mention the incoming Rife machine, and get his thoughts on the device’s healing capabilities
  • Phoenix tells us all about the role of farming/agriculture specifically in spagyrics, and insights into his experimentation over the past decade; the incorporation of biodynamics, permaculture, wild harvesting, etc.
  • His new Astronomological calendar, which incorporates best times to plant, when to harvest certain parts of plants, influence of moon cycles and planets, etc.
  • Cannabis and spagyrics: the impact the plant has had on his personal path and some spagyric applications
  • His favorite application is the philosophic essence of cannabis
  • What you can find on The Alchemi-Culture Podcast & how you can support his research by purchasing products in his apothecary
  • Some of his products that would be beneficial for most — Nettle, Horsetail, Moringa Leaf, Spagyri-zomal Vitamin C, & Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzymes



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