TVP #31: Self-Seeking (Concluding Season 2)

Self-seeking can be defined as:

A continuing informal exploration of various ways for realizing greater personal opportunity in the present world.”

If that doesn’t describe Rayo’s life (as we know it), I don’t know what does. It was also the main task for this season 2 of The Vonu Podcast; in other words, to lay out his ideas, successes, and failures when it came to his personal journey of self-seeking.

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Herein, Kyle and I close out this season by providing a brief overview of every episode that was put out; namely, the important takeaways as we move onto season 3, things we forgot to mention, our new (?) top few strategies discussed, and more.

Onward to season 3!

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Show Notes:
The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action
Direct Action Series
Second Realm: Book on Strategy

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