TVP #101: Venturing Out East [Health Liberation/Self-Liberation]

On this newest edition of our Health Liberation/Self-Liberation series here on The Vonu Podcast, I provide you with some updates. Namely:

  • Potential areas of investigation in the health/wellness realm (for me, and beyond)
  • Updates on my progress in reversing my Type 1 Diabetes
  • What’s to come in this area and the podcast
  • A new, furthering vision for P.A.Z.NIA
  • And more!

INTRO CLIP: DR. BARRE LANDO, How Our Bodies Actually Work, Germ Theory Is Junk Science!

OUTRO CLIP: DR. BARRE LANDO, Mind Over Matter Is Real! Master ‘Dis-Ease’ With This Knowledge!

The show notes below will contain resources/starting points if you’re interested in digging into anything discussed herein.


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