TVP Intermission #10: Pursuing Vonuence in Antarctica?

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane is joined once again by Jason Boothe to examine more suggestions from previous freedom-seekers, taken from the recently published libertarian publication, Ocean Freedom Notes.

Ocean Freedom Notes, 1984-1990

Specifically, the proposal of free communities on icebergs and in Antarctica, as well as potentially mining icebergs for profit…seriously. Article discussed include:

  1. Free Community on Ice (May 1984)
  2. Antarctica Peninsula (July 1988)
  3. Ice Island: A Mobile Research, Political Outpost for Canada (NY Times, Aug. 21, 1988)
  4. Ice Island by Jim Stumm (Dec. 1989)
  5. Antarctic Ice Mining (May 1990)

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Jason & Shane attempt to answer these questions: Is it economically feasible? Environmentally feasible? Is it even worth it? Does it truly make you more invulnerable to coercion? And much, much more.

Show Notes:
1) We discussed the Alcalufe tribe from the South Chilean Region at the beginning of this episode. If you want to learn more about them, visit the Wikipedia page, as well as the documentary, The Pearl Button (FREE online, make sure you have AdBlocker on–or, view it on Netflix if you don’t speak Spanish.)

TVP Intermission #9: Pursuing Vonuence in South Chile


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