TVP #177: Crypto-Anarchy, Paralelni Polis, & Building Parallel Societies with Juraj Bednar

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I’m joined by Juraj Bednar, co-founder of Paralelni Polis in Prague, author of CRYPTOCURRENCIES: HACK YOUR WAY TO A BETTER LIFE, and all around, a freedom pioneer truly living a Second Realm, vonu lifestyle.

Herein, he gives us his backstory, the background behind Paralelni Polis, we dive into some relevant history regarding Czech Republic dissident groups, and strategically, using vonu & Second Realm principles, how to maintain pockets in freedom in physical space and time.

We’ll certainly hear from Juraj again soon, as I didn’t touch really anything I had in my outline. Please enjoy, and share the podcast around if you can!

Cheers from #TheFreeRepublic!


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  • Juraj talks about his early life in computers/cryptography, how Paralelni Polis came about, and overall background
  • MixMaster, anonymous remailers — still viable today
  • The threat model in the early cypherpunk days weren’t really the NSA and global spy agencies, but private “coercers”/hackers
  • How he found bitcoin — after reading the whitepaper, he was on board with the computer science part, but wasn’t sure from an Austrian economics perspective
  • The founding of Paralleni Polis — they wanted to open a successful business and ONLY accept bitcoin and a few altcoins; they were all hackers, and so Hackers Congress & The Institute of Cryptoanarchy were natural developments
  • Vaclav Benda, Charter77, & a history of inspirational dissidence in Czech Republic circa 1977
  • I bring up the hyper-relevant Deus Ex video game series that former TVP co-host, Kyle, first recommended a long time ago
  • Embracing a parallel culture: illegal concerts, books, poetry, etc.
  • The official, servile society culture is disempowering, without content, and miserable to listen to
  • Everyone knows who is part of the organization/community, despite there being no official documentation, a central authority, etc. — entry filters, increase the value of being part of the community, entry costs
  • Juraj talks about one of their performance art demonstrations: capturing the Czech President’s flag, something would have ended in a lot of deaths here in the USSA
  • Maintaining such an open relationship with the First Realm: a bitcoin logo on the front, Institute of Cryptoanarchy
  • They set the tone by painting the building black without permission and by not accepting legal tender & being a non-profit, puts them at an advantage
  • He mentions that he’s a van nomad; the Decentruck, a mobile Paralelni Polis that travels to festivals and events; there’s a small bitcoin ATM, coffee machines, projectors, etc.
  • The openness of a parallel society/Second Realm to the First Realm/servile society depends upon time, location, and it can vary year-to-year
  • Privacy on the lightning network, and some solutions Juraj uses in the bitcoin/privacy coin space
  • Theoretical anarchists are almost just as bad as political crusaders; actionable strategies are of the most value



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