TVP #176: Liberator Rocket Heaters, Tesla Turbines, & The Bourke Engine with Sky Huddleston [Breakthrough Energy For The Second Realm #1]

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome back Sky Huddleston, breakthrough energy engineer & entrepreneur.

Herein, he gives us an update on the Liberator Rocket Heater business, the coming Tesla Turbine (enabling you to be 100% off-grid energy-wise with the same thing you use for heat); we discuss the scammy, built-in inefficiencies when it comes to 21st century internal combustion engines…

And end with learning all about the revolutionary Bourke Engine, of which Sky is one of the world’s foremost experts on before age 30.

Please enjoy this first episode in our Breakthrough Energy for the Second Realm series.


  • A Liberator Rocket Heater update — the company is basically on autopilot and the funds are being reinvested into his coming Tesla Turbine
  • The technology behind the Tesla Turbine, and how what he’s designing varies from other versions; as well as some of the obstacles in design
  • The built-in inefficiencies of modern internal combustion engines
  • Cummins and the US Army achieved 48% thermal efficiency in the 1970’s, we don’t get near that today — further evidence of the scam
  • We already live in a hydrogen economy; liquid hydrocarbons provide energy from the hydrogen, the carbon allows for the storage of very volatile hydrogen
  • What about hydrogen on-demand, electrolyzing water, Brown’s Gas, and George Wiseman’s systems?
  • Water fuel tests with the Bourke engine, i.e. supercritical hydrogen?
  • The Bourke engine: history, background, basic operation, the vast amounts of fuels that can be used, & more
  • Superior design traits of the Bourke engine
  • The Bourke engine will likely have to be acquired commercially via Sky; you’d need an entire machine shop
  • Sky’s plan is to enter the power equipment market (i.e. lawn mowers, motorcycles, wood chippers, etc.), and then gives us some clues to his much larger vision & Bourke engine design
  • The applications for this access to energy are astounding and extremely liberating
  • Burning plastic and trash as usable fuel
  • Supercritical fluids as different states of matter: not liquid, nor gas
  • Sky’s motivations and goals with his work
  • Modern upgrades and improvements to the Bourke engine
  • Sky’s ambitions to “fucking smash” the 50cc land speed record
  • To follow Sky’s work or to get a Liberator Rocket Heater:


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