TVP #150: Spiritual Self-Liberation, Psychedelics, & False Timelines/Historical Resets with Raffael of #TeamRabbitHole

On this exploration of spiritual self-liberation, I’m joined by Raffael, one of the hosts of the #TeamRabbitHole podcast. Herein, he fills us is on his journey/path, significant influences & breakthroughs, and we finish with a discussion on false timelines/historical resets…

And the importance of understanding our history, our ancestry, and rectifying the falsities of the past.

Check out Raffael’s site for his blog, channeling information, #TeamRabbitHole, and much more.



  • Raffael’s experiences seeing through the narratives on government-controlled media in the early 2000’s; recognizing the cyclical nature of media, history, etc.
  • Capitalism versus communism being the dichotomy portrayed in the First Realm/servile society, not abundance
  • His exploration of different government/organizational structures — holoarchy
  • Cannabis and the role of psychedelics in his self-liberation journey
  • 9/11 and George Bush piercing the remaining veil for Raffael
  • All real authority only comes from yourself — an important realization he made with the help of psychedelics
  • Experiencing what is called “Planck Time” (seeing the “flicker rate” of reality)
  • Attempting to overcome death being a catalyst for discovering spirituality and a more macro perspective on the universe
  • The channelings of Bashar and the principles found therein
  • The scam of the 8 hour work day — all you need is 3 or 4 hyper-focused hours
  • The servile society relies on time control, hence why van nomadism and other liberated lifestyles are so impactful on mindset, health, etc.
  • After increasing his awareness and understanding, his focus shifted to the alien, UFO, and crop circle phenomenons — pointed to free energy/suppressed technology?
  • Crop Circle Diaries, real vs. fake crop circles, UK research study — crops were exposed to plasma and had much higher vitamin/mineral content (more nutritious)
  • Tartaria Research Collection
  • The super scammy (and scummy!) nature of the servile society (pertaining to its foisting of the most inefficient energy dependence on entire populations)
  • If the “Tartaria”/mudflood theory is true and we did have a free energy-based, “free” world, and this only changed within the past couple hundred years, modern totalitarianism is the exception, not the way its always been — in other words, coercion is not the norm
  • Raffael discusses the big change in food processing in 1850 — they removed the seed (germ) from wheat/grains so it would store longer (official story), but that’s where all the nutrition is
  • Nikola Tesla as a psy-op to cover up the highly technologically advanced recent civilization
  • Challenging the centralized energy structure is a challenge against the entire control structure (whatever “it” is) on Earth
  • Stanley Meier strategically patented his inventions, but they eventually caught on to what he was doing (the hydrogen car, and more) — problem comes in with patents
  • The AquaCure machine, Rife machine, and potential solutions to parasites
  • Raffael talks about his website and provides some background on channeling

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