TVP #207: A GhostSystem Update, A.I. As A Tool for Liberation (AND Enslavement), & More with Jamin Biconik

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome back our good friend, Jamin Biconik, hardware hacker and permaculture farmer…

The one who supplies the infrastructure for the P.A.Z.NIA Network:

Today, you’ll get an update on the GhostSystem & both of our homestead infrastructure projects; his view on artificial intelligence & how he’s incorporating it into his workflow; and coming GhostSystem products and bundles.

And yes, just as other Babylon tech, “AI” will most definitely be used to enslave populations…but those with “minds of serfs” will do what those with “minds of serfs” do — and their totalitarian nonsense does not have to involve us.


  • A homestead update: no big projects, but more steps toward building good soil — putting in cover crops, biomatter, etc.
  • Focus has been digital infrastructure and other projects
  • Updates from me on the homestead here at Veritas: pond is filling up, “forever fencing” is going up (lots of labor); The Great P.A.Z.NIAN Eclipse (first gathering)
  • VONUFEST5: September 30 – October 7th at Veritas (PAZNIA.COM/VONUFEST)
  • GhostSystem & Infrastructure Updates: Jamin’s been evaluating different systems; added a line of more modern GhostStations with OpenAI compatibility/functionality
  • 3D Printing parts — neat storage drive hidden containers, crypto-miner display housing, etc. — integrating home manufacturing into workflows
  • GhostStation AI Laptops
  • AI is the means of production, which is what he’s integrating into the GhostSystem for efficiency, etc.
  • The GhostTablet! The most AMAZING GhostDevice. Cheap, badass, and mobile
  • More GhostPad listing coming at
  • Every device in the GhostSystem is meant to fill a role, meant to play a part; i.e., your pubic GhostStation you use to game, create content, etc. will not be the same one you use for highly sensitive communications, bitcoin/XMR wallets, etc.
  • You can get multiple GhostDevices (i.e. a GhostPad and GhostTablet) for less than one equivalent SpyMachine (with antivirus nonsense, paying for Microsoft yearly, etc.)
  • Starlink is at Veritas, and the GhostRouter is in operation
  • Mullvad VPN is my new recommendation: two-hop VPNs easy on Linux/Desktop; hard on mobile
  • Jamin lays out many of the use cases and benefits of a GhostRouter
  • Recent “critical vulnerability” in Linux? Jamin resolves the fear-mongering — there will always be bugs in open source software, and it was quickly patched
  • Kali Linux (the more hardcore, secure Linux distro) was most affected
  • OpenBSD — purpose, uses, major downsides, & hardware issues
  • Getting Jamin’s thoughts on Agora: The Podcast‘s recent debate — is AI a genuine threat to humanity?
  • Whether we’re talking conventional computers/laptops or “artificial intelligence”, it comes down to us OWNING our hardware & software, or our hardware & software OWNS us
  • Bitcoin’s blocksize as a defense against this AI/data whoring tyranny
  • Fuck Ethereum
  • Applications for artificial intelligence: my simplistic uses — text-to-voice robots (Brian Freerobot!), AI generated, soulless art
  • VonuGPT, RayoGPT, and other cool possibilities
  • A HUGE GhostSystem Bundle is LESS than the cost of a new iPhone!
  • Every GhostPad, GhostTablet, or GhostStation sold is a big “fuck you” to the nonsensical idea of planned obsolescence
  • Linux, open source, etc. — why would you use anything but the best?
  • Find me on Nostr and Qortal!
  • Nostr npub: npub1s30yghckctmxq0un353cvtvk7ggr9h6as47rsy0xfj4e7xw46kjs6cad8f
  • Qortal public key: DVkQm9MAc61e8KsweH2JVXYaFVbkeGubUsWevy5XUzmi



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