TVP #1: Foundations of Vonu

For the inaugural episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane Radliff and Kyle Rearden introduce themselves, define what “vonu” means, and explain both, the man who coined the term and birthed the concept, as well as outlining the goals of this series.

Show Notes:
Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom [FREE BOOK]
Vonu Definitions
Grammatical Variations from Book
Vonu Defined: The Semantics of Freedom

9 Replies to “TVP #1: Foundations of Vonu”

  1. Finally got around to listening to the first episode. I loved it. I am eager to get the book and study up.
    I have really hesitated to use the common terms to describe myself such as anarchist, or libertarian because the definitions are muddled or understood differently.
    I think I may be able to identify as a Vonuist. I’ll have to read the book first, of course.

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