TVP Intermission #8: Letters About Vonu, 1985 with Jason Boothe

After Rayo disappeared, the discussion of vonu in various libertarian publications didn’t stop. In this episode, Jason and I cover three letters contained in Vonu, Book 2. Namely:

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  1. A Letter from Roger Kenmore Regarding Vonu (Sept. 85)
  2. Comments for Roger Kenmore from Jim Stumm
  3. Comments on Camping, By Bert in Oregon

Letter 1 is an attempt to point out inconsistent thinking in Jim’s approach; letter 2 is Jim’s attempt to clarify his thinking–in some ways, Jason and I agree, but in others, Jim levels strawman arguments against Rayo; in letter 3, we hear from the publisher of the libertarian zine, Dwelling Portably. He provides some firsthand insight into the concerns raised in the first two letters.

Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom, Number 2 — Letters from Rayo

Big thanks to Jason for guest co-hosting and for all of his help in proofreading these new publications!

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