TVP #123: [Tapping Into #Bitcoin Privacy] #Taproot & Wasabi Wallet 2.0 w/ Max Hillebrand

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Max Hillebrand back on to get an update on the van life Across The Pond, as well as the newest bitcoin privacy updates: namely, Taproot, a soft fork, and WabiSabi, a feature of the upcoming Wasabi Wallet 2.0.


  • Max fills us in on the past year & notes the incredible progress within the realm of liberation, both digitally & physically
  • His further experiences with living on bitcoin, & if he’s experienced any further challenges as of late
  • Using bitcoin as a vetting/curating tool in and of itself — Max only wishes to trade with individuals who will pay in or accept bitcoin
  • Paying individuals you work with in bitcoin is a massive sign of respect and gratitude; being paid in the most hard money around is an honor
  • The critical importance of a hard, sound money from the free market, Austrian perspective
  • Max explains why he is BTC-only, based off of a property rights maximalist position, not a privacy maximalist one
  • Monero and its inherent scalability issues, challenges of regular hard forks, etc.
  • Hard forks vs. soft forks & the newest bitcoin soft fork, Taproot
  • Taproot changes the signature algorithm from ECDSA to Schnorr signatures
  • Taproot hides the ability to distinguish different types of transactions (i.e. on-chain, opening/closing lightning channels, multi-sig, etc.)
  • Taproot expands multi-sig capabilities dramatically (from a max of 15 to potentially 1 million)
  • Updates on Lightning network progress
  • Some notes on soft forks and the importance of always keeping your software up-to-date; otherwise, you can’t verify the rules on the network
  • Wallets that have Taproot implemented now, the big financial incentive of companies implementing it quick (tx fee savings/less space on blockchain)
  • CoinJoins, how they work, & WabiSabi
  • Wasabi Wallet 2.0 features a massive GUI update
  • Future upgrades on the Wasabi roadmap



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