TVP #123: [Tapping Into #Bitcoin Privacy] #Taproot & Wasabi Wallet 2.0 w/ Max Hillebrand

[NOTE/UPDATE (6/25/2022): After zKSnacks’ announcement that they were going to begin working with ChainAnalysis companies on blacklisting certain UTXO’s from entering their coordinated CoinJoin, I can no longer in good conscience recommend Wasabi Wallet; and further, I certainly advise against vonuans utilizing their service.

Even if the wallet itself is fine & safe, this decision is in such stark contrast to everything bitcoin is about (an open, permissionless network), and in direct opposition to their claim of caring about privacy. And with such better tools out there like Samourai, I don’t personally see a need to take that risk at all.

But as with anything, do your own research and soul-searching, and find out what is best for YOU. ]


On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Max Hillebrand back on to get an update on the van life Across The Pond, as well as the newest bitcoin privacy updates: namely, Taproot, a soft fork, and WabiSabi, a feature of the upcoming Wasabi Wallet 2.0.


  • Max fills us in on the past year & notes the incredible progress within the realm of liberation, both digitally & physically
  • His further experiences with living on bitcoin, & if he’s experienced any further challenges as of late
  • Using bitcoin as a vetting/curating tool in and of itself — Max only wishes to trade with individuals who will pay in or accept bitcoin
  • Paying individuals you work with in bitcoin is a massive sign of respect and gratitude; being paid in the most hard money around is an honor
  • The critical importance of a hard, sound money from the free market, Austrian perspective
  • Max explains why he is BTC-only, based off of a property rights maximalist position, not a privacy maximalist one
  • Monero and its inherent scalability issues, challenges of regular hard forks, etc.
  • Hard forks vs. soft forks & the newest bitcoin soft fork, Taproot
  • Taproot changes the signature algorithm from ECDSA to Schnorr signatures
  • Taproot hides the ability to distinguish different types of transactions (i.e. on-chain, opening/closing lightning channels, multi-sig, etc.)
  • Taproot expands multi-sig capabilities dramatically (from a max of 15 to potentially 1 million)
  • Updates on Lightning network progress
  • Some notes on soft forks and the importance of always keeping your software up-to-date; otherwise, you can’t verify the rules on the network
  • Wallets that have Taproot implemented now, the big financial incentive of companies implementing it quick (tx fee savings/less space on blockchain)
  • CoinJoins, how they work, & WabiSabi
  • Wasabi Wallet 2.0 features a massive GUI update
  • Future upgrades on the Wasabi roadmap



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