TVP #157: Bitcoin Privacy For The Second Realm with @SamouraiWallet

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome @SamouraiWallet (Twitter), a co-founder of the bitcoin privacy wallet, Samourai.

Herein, we learn about SW’s long background/history working in bitcoin, the cypherpunk/vonuan origins & maintenance of Samourai, Whirlpool, CoinJoins, Coin Control, & other features of the wallet, TxTenna & off-grid bitcoin…

And in general, how these bitcoin privacy tools can help to make you more invulnerable to coercion.


  • Samourai/SW recounts his history in bitcoin starting in 2012/2013, and the concerns he & his co-founder started to develop in 2015 that led to the creation of the wallet
  • How to think about bitcoin on-chain privacy; the pseudonymity worked early on, but now that identity is attached, it’s problematic
  • SW talks a bit about the vonuan/cypherpunk (non-)business model of Samourai; based on international mobility, a lifestyle of security
  • SW provides an overview on the Wasabi blacklist situation, and perspectives on why zkSnacks would preemptively comply with a non-existing law/regulation (hint: compliant CoinJoins)
  • What to expect when you download Samourai Wallet; more privacy protections by default, even if you only use it as a wallet
  • CoinJoins, and the importance of not linking pre- and post-mix coins; coin control within Samourai Wallet
  • A walkthrough of Whirlpool, the various pools, & the automation of the rest of the process; breaks all deterministic links, free remixing
  • Sparrow Wallet: a desktop wallet that implemented Whirlpool
  • A potential use for toxic bitcoin change: swapping (atomic when possible) for XMR…and don’t forget about BitRefill gift cards!
  • Tor implementation
  • Ricochet (adds hops of history between your coin and the final destination)
  • PayNyms (stealth addresses in bitcoin) — a pseudonym to receive bitcoin at, that generates a new wallet address each time
  • Stonewall & Stonewall x2’s (minimizes amount of deterministic links — a fake CoinJoin from a general spend)
  • SW’s general take and outlook on the bitcoin space
  • Bitcoin as an amazing tool to route around the First Realm, the servile society; early on, that was who was into it…that’s not how it is now
  • SW: The Lightning Network as a capture event for bitcoin, if it’s successful at all; a permissioned layer
  • Connecting to their Whirlpool servers vs. running your own node; the RoninDojo
  • GoTenna, TxTenna, Samourai Wallet, & off-grid bitcoin
  • Any advice or tips he has pertaining to bitcoin, privacy, or self-liberation
  • The Bitcoin Privacy Video Series by the Samourai Team
  • Read and learn (Samourai Docs + Bitcoin)



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