TVP #199: A Primer on Private Security (with Kyle Rearden)

On Kyle’s official debut back to The Vonu Podcast, he fills us in on his “professional” employment experience over the past 5 years, working his way through the private security industry, and his most recent gig as armed private security at public schools.

This has led to some interesting circumstances, some of which we discuss herein, some which will be covered in a dedicated series.


  • Some updates: I’ve been getting back into digitizing old vonu publications; the entirety of VonuLife will be the next major LUA Publications release
  • A brief summary of the P.A.Z.NIA Lbry: A Decentralized Library of Alexandria
  • Financial independent early retirement: his experiment over the past 5 years working dead-end jobs, trying to intensively save; not feasible financially or health-wise
  • He’s been moving into private security and working hard to learn so he can start his own agency
  • First Realm private security doesn’t exercise security culture practices in the slightest — another gossip mill
  • “Warm body on post”: private security is basically seen as bags of meat, cannon fodder, etc.
  • His recent conversation with the ISD Chief of Police when he began his private security shift
  • First Realm private security and how it fits into the agorist five markets theory — literally white market; and how Second Realm private security would be far different
  • Especially in big cities, with response times being over an hour, private security shows up and has the situation under control before the bludg even arrive to file the paperwork; generally speaking, they probably deal with more dangerous scenarios
  • I tease our coming private security/Second Realm private security series
  • Some discussion on Kyle’s last book, Just Below The Surface: A Guide to Security Culture
  • Ahh…spontaneous Kyle rants…long-missed
  • Kyle’s first book: An Illusive Phantom of Hope, A Critique of Reformism — an alternative test to see if the individual-in-question has foresworn the use of coercion
  • My operating thesis: most bludg today operate off public intelligence (i.e. Facebook) — real investigative work doesn’t happen anymore, unless you pop up on their radar for some reason or another
  • Kyle applied to a public security job (for a police department) as a sort of test — if they do any sort of background check or anything, he’s fucked from what he’s said in the past
  • My relevant example: when I was named in an FBI Investigatory document in 2016 because I interviewed Gary Hunt — their FBI lackey couldn’t even find my own last name on my own website when it was on 100+ articles



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