TVP #210: A Crypto-War Update & Some Thoughts On Political Prisoners/Judicial Transparency with Kyle Rearden

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I fill Kyle in on the recent happenings in the bitcoin privacy space over the past five years, more recent developments with Samourai, Tornado Cash, et al; and we conclude with a sort of retrospective and update on political prisoners and the state of judicial transparency.

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  • Kyle’s been going to church lately — been a wild year so far, but things are going okay
  • I begin the overview: bitcoin privacy has never been good, Samourai was basically the only tool out there
  • An overview of current events, current state of their case, and coming hearings
  • Some excerpts from Freedom.Tech’s article on the situation plus some commentary from me
  • What is the best Second Realm money now? Me: until April 25th, I would have said bitcoin, now, I’m not sure
  • Different situations require different currencies — payments from P.A.Z.NIA to P.A.Z.NIA will likely be digital since remote; barter and other solutions possible for working locally/physically
  • The USSA Feds (& most nation states) are pushing hard for a CBDC — the prosecutions against crypto privacy show that, but at the same time, outlawing cash does not seem feasible outside of big cities
  • Still, we need a digital solution that’s privacy-friendly and freedom friendly
  • Practically speaking, worst case scenarios regarding Samourai, the main task of self-liberators is to find tools to continue to route around the First Realm
  •; donate:
  • We introduce the political prisoners archive, our background with judicial transparency, and WHY it’s important
  • Most folks that end upon the political prisoners archive (i.e. Constitutional Patriots), end up there from terrible security culture; that’s not necessarily the case with SW and TDev
  • The state of judicial transparency: much improved, thanks to Aaron Swartz, RECAP, and
  • Political field trips, security culture style: watch a lot of police body cam stops from different states, and you realize the standard-operating-procedure is exactly the same; also an insight into judiciary
  • Digital tools are great, but in-person interaction is far preferable — bitcoin privacy is much harder now, but that doesn’t matter if we barter in physical space & time
  • If everyone took care of their own backyards, if every individual took a hard look in the mirror, the State would have been abolished by now
  • A rundown on the many coming episodes of TVP with me and Kyle
  • Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest is coming up: learn more and register at — best way to get vetted to come to P.A.Z.NIA Gatherings
  • VonuFest 5: September 30 – October 7
  • Take care of your backyards, look in the mirror
  • PAZNIA.COM/JOIN (add to the map/directory) and PAZNIA.COM/JOIN2 (if you’re a nomad looking for access/to contribute) – join the Second Realm!


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