TVP #7: Collective Movementism – The God from The Machine?

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane and Kyle cover the final component of the statist/servile society: collective movementism. To put this in the form of an equation, the servile society (which will be discussed at length in a future episode) consists of:


Herein, we provide definitions to carry the discussion, talk about Rayo’s views on anarcho-capitalism and limited government libertarians, gauge the efficacy of said collective movementism, and leave you, the listener, with a question: can you exorcise the collectivist spooks from your head?

“So any talk about continent-sized free societies, of whatever kind, brought about by whatever means, is strictly utopian. Such talk may be a pleasant diversion and may help ‘convert’ the few who have libertarian potential. But in the real world, liberty will be limited for a long time to come to self-liberated individuals and (perhaps) libertarian mini-cultures and freeports. But this is not the grounds for pessimism or defeatism. One can forget about the herd and become free, once he exorcises the collectivist spooks from his head.

Kyle’s Article: Collective Movementism – The Fallacy of the Mass “Awakening”