TVP #14: Financial Independence – The Utility of Import-Export

In this debut episode of season 2, Shane and Kyle discuss financial independence (FI), which is defined as making a livelihood without a steady employer.  You have to have the money first, before you can invest it in your vonu ventures.

FI is crucial to a vonuan, as it would be quite hard to be invulnerable to coercion while being “gainfully employed”, especially considering tax withholding, employment eligibility verification (I-9), and all of the other government required mandates.

Subjects discussed include solutions proposed by Rayo; namely building a nest egg before vonuence, freelancing, self-employment, temporary employment, living frugally, and much more.

As Kyle put it in his article:

Imagine, if you will, a noticeably different lifestyle whereby you travel once a week to a job site and work overtime while you’re there, and by the end of the week you go home. Similarly, you only shop for groceries once every few weeks or even several months out. Notice, too, that it’s not just the frequency of exporting labor and products relative to importing knowledge and supplies, but also the context of how you’re doing it.

The second portion of this episode will be released next week. Please enjoy and share!

Show Notes:

Financial Independence: The Utility of Import-Export


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