TVP #188: [P.A.Z.NIA Second Realm Assembly #4] P.A.Z.NIA Infrastructure – NextCloud As The Backbone, Second Realm OpenStreetMap, & “Darklance 2.0”

Welcome to the 4th ever P.A.Z.NIA Second Realm Assembly, another meeting of our Department of Technology!

Herein, we convene to discuss important infrastructure items, including:

  • NextCloud as the backbone
  • The P.A.Z.NIA Map & Directory
  • The P.A.Z.NIA Department of Commerce (Second Realm help wanted/”Craigslist” job board)
  • And more!

Attendees/panel members included: Jamin Biconik, Matthew Raymer, JJ, Dave from StartOS, Thomas Freedman, & more

Thanks for tuning in — check out to learn more, or to get involved in this parallel network!


  • Dabsgiving at Veritas! November 24-27, any and all vetted self-liberators are invited!
  • The P.A.Z.NIA General Bitcoin fund; some updates, and how to contribute to this mutual aid fund
  • SimpleX Chat — join the P.A.Z.NIA Committee of Correspondence, or see the image for Department of Technology sub-groups:
  • Jamin introduces NextCloud — a brief overview & how it could support P.A.Z.NIA infrastructure
  • Matthew: from his experience, NextCloud was missing a Calendy-like function; Dave & Jamin confirm multiple solutions
  • Experiences with NextCloud by panel participants?
  • My experience with OpenStreetMap and the coming Members-side of the P.A.Z.NIA website
  • Jamin: there are two other map programs in NextCloud; other options
  • Thomas: what about the security of the map?
  • I run through all the security considerations, security culture principles employed, the public/private maps & directories, and why a little risk is necessary if we want this parallel network to develop
  • Dave: there’s no limit to how many NextCloud servers can be run, or how many can be connected
  • Federation potentialities built into NextCloud
  • Dave & StartOS’ experiences working with implementing NextCloud on StartOS
  • Matthew: this is an important pilot project that we need to think more about
  • Jamin: with an unlimited Calyx Hotspot and a small solar setup, remote NextCloud servers could be put ANYWHERE
  • LocalAI on NextCloud & some AI talk
  • The P.A.Z.NIA Department of Commerce (a Craigslist-styled Second Realm help wanted/job board)
  • Matthew brought up SimpleX as a possibility for help wanted/job board — on second thought, since we want this more public and web-facing, other options need to be explored
  • Get involved: add self-sufficient homesteads, guerrilla gardening plots, van nomad squat spots, local health food stores, organic farms, etc. to the P.A.Z.NIA Map & Directory — PAZNIA.COM/JOIN
  • Nomads & self-liberators: gain access to the network & P.A.Z.NIA Map & Directory: PAZNIA.COM/JOIN2


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