TVP Intermission #7: Vonu Week – A Week in The Wilderness with Jason Boothe

Vonu Week was an interesting hands-on course offered by Rayo and Roberta. We’ve discussed it in previous episodes of TVP, and even covered Benjamin Best’s personal experiences there.

Well, in Vonu, Book 2, we obtained a bunch of new material: letters/articles from Rayo advertising the training, an in-depth overview of the material contained, programme notes for both days 1 & 4, as well as Vonu Week Results, an article wherein Rayo provides an overview of the couple of groups that partook in the training.

Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom, Number 2 — Letters from Rayo

Jason also offered his firsthand experience of Siskiyou Region, and we even key in on the specific location Rayo & Roberta chose for their pursuit of vonu.

New to vonu? START HERE!

Big thanks to Jason for guest co-hosting and for all of his help in proofreading these new publications!

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Show Notes:

Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom, Number 2 — Letters from Rayo

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