TVP Intermission #50: [P.A.Z.NIA] Liberated Areas Among The Tyrannical Wasteland

Governments and their technocratic counterparts have illegitimately laid claim to the vast majority of land here on Planet Earth, and have subsequently imposed draconian control upon essentially all potential methods of travel – by plane, train, or automobile, it need not matter. This was indeed the case before 2020, but is ever more prominent now with international travel slowed and the bringing to the forefront programs like ID2020, which will inevitably force more anarchists, vonuans, or otherwise self-liberators out of the First Realm, and into the Second.

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In physical space and time, these Second Realms consist of temporary and permanent autonomous zones. PAZ’s and TAZ’s for short are:

“liberated areas of land, time or imagination where one can be for something, not just against, and where new ways of being human together can be explored and experimented with.”

The main distinction between PAZ’s and TAZ’s is in a temporal sense – the former being permanent (or semi-permanent), the latter existing (and dissipating) in quick, intense bursts (i.e. freedom festivals), evocative of the plasma discharges in our electric universe.

In this piece, I will elaborate on already-in-the-works efforts to build up the physical agora, how PAZ’s and TAZ’s can synergistically work together by necessity, and how you can get involved in creating this underground network of self-liberators and secure vonu home bases.

Enter, The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA.


The Model Country

As Erwin S. Strauss wrote in How to Start Your Own Country, one low-risk, fun, and mentally liberating strategy is to start your own model country. The process is simple: you declare your property an independent country and that’s it! The rest is up to you.

Sealand and Liberland are two modern, well-known examples; another was formally announced on July 4th, 2020: Veritas, P.A.Z.NIA, “The Self-Liberator’s Paradise.” And since geographical location is irrelevant when it comes to freedom, I posit that “P.A.Z.NIA” become the “country” of freedom seekers, of self-liberators; and the “outpost” name where the “city” name would be in the old, slave society model.

The reference to permanent autonomous zones is obvious, but “paz” is also “peace” in Spanish.


The P.A.Z.NIA Constitution

The Free Republic’s birth on July 4th was accompanied by a Declaration of Independence and subsequent release of the Constitution. Very briefly put, signatories explicitly agree to:

  • A respect for and commitment to privacy; the use of pseudonyms is encouraged.
  • Don’t hurt people and honor your contracts.
  • A culture that encourages humanity to flourish, rather than degrade and regress.
  • A recognition of the important task ahead of us: to ensure the continuation of freedom into the future, another way for those seeking a way out.

When the infrastructure is in place, individuals will be able to sign the digital and/or physical Constitution (no “social contract” nonsense here!).

Even when not in these realms of peace and freedom, that signature serves as an oath and commitment to this Great Work.


Vonu’s Role

[An awkward contraction of the words VOluntary Not vUlnerable; vonuans take steps to make themselves more invulnerable to coercion by way of lifestyle changes.]

One of the core tenants of vonu is mobility. Reason being, if the coercers can’t find you, they can’t coerce you. And, say, if you’re a van nomad or a perpetual world traveler, public (or private) coercers will have a harder time trying to track your location.

On the other hand, the issues associated with “land ownership” are extensive (i.e. fee simple vs. allodial title, property taxes, eminent domain, nuisance abatement, etc.), and have been covered elsewhere. Therefore, I believe many vonuans will choose (or be relegated to) mobility, with a network of self-sufficient PAZ’s scattered throughout the world, providing safe havens to the nomadic or traveling compatriot.

The recommended and safest way to “acquire” this land for PAZ’s is by way of a proxy merchant. Proxy merchants are entrepreneurs who specialize in facilitating trade and interaction between the Two Realms; in other words, they would be the interface with any potential government agencies, and optimally, potential coercers wouldn’t even know of your association with the property.

Although, if you are already a “property owner,” consider filling that proxy merchant role yourself. There’s certainly some risk involved, but if action isn’t taken in the short term, freedom may not exist in any fashion for future generations; and as the technocrats and social engineers continue their dangerous games with individual’s lives, we’re going to need you to step up.


Self-Sufficient Vonu Home Bases

It may be a year or two down the road, but eventually, the cost of compliance will outweigh the cost of resistance, and someday, those who believe in freedom will be completely forced out of That Society. This entails losing access to grocery stores, financial services, medical services, etc.

On one hand, that may be for the best; Big Pharma and Big Food, in cooperation with other barbaric industries, have crippled the health and mental capabilities of most human beings, and modern finance is merely another tool of control. But this losing of access will require change and adaptability, meaning P.A.Z.NIAs (if it sticks!) will need to be largely self-sufficient homesteads/home bases.

Think of these PAZ’s as crypto-trading outposts of the past, only with their own, unique, and burgeoning cultures, and with the love of freedom and free humans at its core.


The P.A.Z.NIA Lbry

The P.A.Z.NIA Lbry will be a digital (and hopefully physical) archive of books, guides, schematics, and anything else, on a wide variety of subjects: gardening, raising livestock, permaculture farming, 3D printed gun files, historical texts, etc.

This Lbry will be archived on multiple redundant and resilient platforms – the aboveground Internet, the deep web, decentralized networks, blockchains, etc. Currently, it is hosted on Keybase, with other vast archives awaiting a unified compilation.

It is our duty to ensure that this information and these works are available to future generations.

More to come later.



It must be assumed that all communication over the Internet is compromised. Indeed, encryption works, but the best scheme is rendered potentially useless if combined with vulnerable, backdoored software and hardware.

Put another way, the encryption is only as good as the operating system it’s running on. In the mid- to long-term, the goal needs to be a separate decentralized mesh network, but in the short-term, other solutions must be developed if organizing is going to take place in cyberspace.

A potential cryptographic system is in the works, likely available following VonuFest, an event here at Veritas at the end of 2020.

The idea is called dual layer encryption. Briefly, the idea is to combine low-tech and high-tech – that is, physical ciphers (i.e. transposition, substitution) with digital encryption (maybe Pretty Good Privacy if it’s an email, Signal if an instant message).

That way, if PGP had a backdoor in it from the start (unlikely, but possible) or your personal NSA agent screen-captured the message before it was encrypted/sent via Signal, they will still be left with incomprehensible ciphertext.

Clearly, these physical ciphers will have to be agreed upon in-person, and away from the presence of any digital devices. At that point, trusted nomads can deliver these encryption schemes to trusted individuals or other “outposts,” following the same security culture standards.


All Institutions Are Corrupted

Most of the above components consist of building alternatives to that which exists in the First Realm. This sort of mindset must permeate all areas of the human experience, even those which may not immediately come to mind: areas of science, like medicine, health/nutrition, cosmology, electrical engineering, etc.

Reason being, the mind control/propaganda are so strong, that they totally envelop every aspect our lives; and much history and information has been hidden.

Here at Veritas, P.A.Z.NIA, we have, or are working towards, the following:

  • The Freedom Observatory
  • The Committee for the Decentralization of Science/Medicine
  • The P.A.Z.NIA Committee of Safety

These will fulfill the alternatives for cosmology/physics, medicine, as well as law/”justice”, respectively.


The Digital P.A.Z.NIA

PAZ’s and TAZ’s can also exist in cyberspace. Therefore, a digital P.A.Z.NIA will be built, which will mainly serve as a first layer of vetting. This hasn’t been developed yet, but there could be a forum, P.A.Z.NIA network discounts (other products/services in the agora), and ???.

For those who wish to support development of P.A.Z.NIA, opportunities for voluntary contributions will be available.

Are you ready to DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE? Start your own ________ , P.A.Z.NIA today!

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