TVP #143: Hardware Hacking with Jamin Biconik (An LUA Radio Classic)

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, you’ll hear a Liberty Under Attack Radio classic from August 2017. I’m joined by Jamin Biconik, a “hardware hacker,” permaculture farmer, and agorist.

Jamin is the developer of the Ghostpad privacy-oriented machines, Neuron, his custom Linux-based operating system, and a number of other projects. Herein, he tells us all about the invasions of privacy and security by States and their corporate cohorts, how he makes and designs his custom machines, why you need to get one, and much more.

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  • Jamin begins with his early views on the freedom strategy/philosophy of vonu
  • He introduces the audience to his various hardware hacking projects, their permaculture farm, his goals, and what’s to come
  • The use of encryption and open source software makes everyone more secure, despite ideology
  • A primer on avoiding man-in-the-middle attacks — when downloading open source software, verify the PGP key
  • An introduction to Linux, Qubes OS, sandboxing applications/software, etc.
  • The GhostPad hardware hacking process
  • The importance of raising children in an environment of open source, digital freedom
  • Jamin’s favorite Linux distribution?
  • Advantages/disadvantages to Linux; the improving user-friendliness
  • The horrors of and vulnerabilities within the management engine inside laptops/computers
  • IBM, Intel, and major hardware/software companies are key participants in the intelligence & military industrial complexes
  • Encryption is becoming more widely available and mainstream, even if not from a radical cypherpunk/crypto-anarchy perspective (more so as insurance against data/privacy leaks)
  • If your device is compromised on a firmware/operating system level, the best encryption and security practices don’t really matter
  • Jamin covers the Vault7 releases and the fact that all of those exploits are out in the open now
  • Mesh networks as a way to decentralize the Internet


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