TVP #9: A Primer on the Servile Society

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane and Kyle discuss three concepts Rayo formulated, namely:

  1. Servile Society: A servile society could be defined as one that does not respect self-ownership or individual liberty, but rather heralds the supremacy of government and authority; in other words, it upholds the collective as superior to the individual. Every aspect of the servile society is oriented towards unmitigated subservience towards those malfunctioning individuals who falsely imagine themselves to be our rulers. Regardless of the specific flavor of authoritarianism, a key recurring theme of the servile society is that blind obedience to the State is considered to be a virtue.
  2. Import-Export: concisely explains how vonuans (those who have an invulnerability to coercion) relate to the servile society
  3. One Directional Isolationism: A one-directional isolation of import-export is used to maintain access to the servile society’s open-but-not-free trading centers yet denying them access to a vonuan’s home through importing goods and knowledge while exporting labor or products back out to the servile society.

As always, we tell you what he said and why it’s important. Some topics discussed include rural living, van dwelling, vonu home-bases, vulnerable/invulnerable lifestyles, and much more.  Please enjoy, share the podcast, and make sure to subscribe to the show on your favorite podcatcher!

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