TVP #62: “The War is Lost,” But Bitcoin Fixes This

On this episode of our crypto-anarchism series, I’m joined by Demelza Hays. Demelza is a PhD student in the Business Economics program at the University of Liechtenstein; the editor of the Crypto Research Report published by Incrementum AG, as well as a fund manager of a regulated Alternative Investment Fund that invests in crypto-currencies at Incrementum AG. She was also featured in Forbes’ Europe 30 Under 30 list.

In this discussion, we talk about :

  • Liechtenstein/Switzerland as destinations for strategic relocation/perpetual traveling
  • Why “the war is lost”
  • Her attendance at The Alpach Forum, an event that features prominent economic and political leaders from all over the world, such as the former Chairman of the European Central Bank
  • Education alone will not free the world
  • How focusing on personal freedom and opting out from fiat currencies can at least increase personal freedom for individuals
  • And much more…

In other words, bitcoin fixes this to a large degree.

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Show Notes:
Demelza on Twitter
Demelza’s Website
Incrementum AG
Crypto Research Report
The Alpach Forum

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