TVP #180: Decentralized Whirlpool Coordination & Samourai, The Wallet of #TheFreeRepublic of P.A.Z.NIA

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome back SW, co-founder of Samourai Wallet, the best privacy tool bitcoin has today.

Herein, SW catches us up on their biggest current endeavor: decentralizing Whirlpool coordination.

Further, he provides a brief rundown of all the features of the wallet; we cover some current events, like the recent Ordinals craze and its impact on fees, a Tornado Cash (Ethereum CoinJoin) developer locked up without charges, and more.

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Background image art credit goes to Walter Russell. What a beautiful potential representation of a decentralized Whirlpool.


  • I recount my super positive experience using Samourai’s free ~24/7 customer support
  • The importance and relevance of privacy, pseudonyms, and security culture in today’s day and age
  • The BIP147 PayNym serving as an “identity”/pseudonym across the bitcoin network — and PayNym adoption
  • Sparrow gets a notable mention; SW talks about working with Craig Raw to help him implement Whirlpool, STONEWALL, Stowaways, & PayNyms onto desktop
  • A run through of the extensive features already on Samourai Wallet: STONEWALL transactions (txs), Ricochet feature, Stealth mode, scrambled pin, Stowaway, & Whirlpool
  • Stealth mode wouldn’t have been as necessary 5 years ago, but now device searches are becoming a bigger problem at border crossings
  • Decentralized Whirlpool coordination!
  • Offline/cold storage functionality for SW – mixing to cold storage?
  • I recount my story of first buying bitcoin and difficulties dealing with KYC; and then, an unconventional now-defunct solution
  • Privacy on the lightning network? And other ways to live on bitcoin
  • Ordinals: the now-old fad, and SW’s thoughts on potential miner/Whirlpool fees
  • Toxic change fear porn, what to do with toxic change, & an update on atomic swaps between XMR and BTC
  • P.A.Z.NIA Spring Gathering: April 13-17, or click here to view our full event schedule
  • The Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest:



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