[Step Aside, MK Ultra] Food: The Ultimate Weapon of Mind Control

Most people today are familiar with MK Ultra, the most well-known program highlighting the government’s research into using drugs and other forms of torture/abuse as means of controlling and exploiting the human mind. The late Milton William Cooper talked about the open air mind control laboratory already long in place in the 1990’s, consisting of a seemingly large apparatus across various industries: technology, entertainment, pharmaceutical, & political to name some.

And while many of these areas are ingrained daily into the lives of most (& undoubtedly carry with them their own consequences), nothing is more pervasive and worthy of threat modeling than what gains direct access into our bodies on many, many occasions throughout the day.

That is, the “food” we eat, the drinks we drink.

Believe it or not, this spiritual war really begins in the gut, and our microbiome is our first line of “defense”. It determines the physical nutrition we will assimilate, the balance of microogranisms found therein, and in regards to mind control, our gut microbiome has a literal impact on what happens to seratonin, dopamine, and other important hormones related to happiness, energy, & reproduction.

Yes, again, the aforementioned industries are all worthy of attention, but in this realm of Free Will, despite what Babylon’s minions might tell you, we are in control of our health and what takes place within our body…and it starts with what we put into our mouths.

Step aside, MK Ultra, your mind-bombed patsies are essentially the whole population now: food, the ultimate weapon of mind control.


1) A Chronically Poisoned, Nutrient-Depleted Food Supply

The abundance of toxins in the world today is staggering, and yet only increasing.

If you’re like me, every trip to the grocery store is a “speed shop”, as there are only about a half dozen non-toxic items found on the foodstuff shelves. Even seemingly “good” items will likely have some issue, such as “natural flavors” (which means that the base is some “natural ingredient”, but it can be mixed with any of some few thousand synthetic chemicals), rancid seed oils (see below), agrichemical exposure despite being labeled organic, mold, artificial sweeteners, and even just outright, legally-sanctioned fraud.

One example that comes to mind for the latter involves Kerrygold — they recently WON a civil suit where it was found they were feeding their “Grass Fed Cows” GMO corn and soy, setting the legal precedent that food manufacturers can label their foods “Grass Fed”, yet feed the animals GMO crops. Wonderful.

Along a similar line of thought, just because a type of food is toxic here in the west, doesn’t mean that food is inherently toxic. It could just mean that the way it’s done here is absolutely wrong and backwords, and that if done traditionally, could add benefit.

Many of my readers will be surprised to hear this, but a few times a month, this raw-organ eating carnivore will eat brown or white, long-grain Indian rice, that requires soaking for ~30 minutes before cooking, reducing the phytic acid (anti-nutrient) component of the grains. It’s amazing — my previous experiences would dictate bloating, a large blood sugar spike, and maybe a little caloric energy, but that’s it.

Not when it’s prepared the way our ancestors did, though, and the glucose spike cushioned by an abundance of animal fats, proteins, and carb-eating bacteria.

Similarly, bread used to be made with close-to-nature ancient grains and commonly involved live kefir cultures. Just a thought, maybe we weren’t really designed to digest bread or carbohydrates..maybe the microorganisms that used to be present did that for us?

Trust me when I say I could go on forever…

But for now, ALWAYS buy organic when shopping at a grocery store, but that alone does not mean what you are getting is free of the toxins they promise. The only safe bet is to know your food producer and/or to become your own.


2) The Gut Microbiome, Hijacking of Hormones, & A Cascade of Imbalance

To some, the topic of the gut microbiome may be some new “fad” or health hype, evoking uncomfortable images of “fecal transplants” as ripped on by South Park. But on a serious note, the gut microbiome really is the first step to health.

Living on a homestead, I know firsthand that if you leave food around, some animal, insect, or fungus will pop up to eat it. The same happens within our gut, whose composition can change every few days based upon what we eat (or don’t eat). Different types of foods, say, animal fats and proteins vs. sugar, require different microorganisms and even methods of digestion.

And in nature, fungus and mushrooms are being used to clean up the environment. It’s pretty amazing — the mushroom will consume the poison, and yet still be edible and nutritious afterwards.

In our bodies, the same thing happens.

One example is the yeast strain candida — a natural health practitioner friend, Darrell Becker, recounted a story on a podcast recently. He had a patient with a candida overgrowth; they took care of the candida strain, but the patient’s symptoms got worse in the interim. It turns out, the candida was there to remove the mercury in her system. When the candida was removed, the mercury was entering general circulation, hence the symptoms.

Speaking more generally, thanks to the consumption of abject poisons and lectin-rich foods, many today are suffering with something called a leaky gut. These poisons can, over time, wear down the gut lining, meaning undigested food and substances enter other parts of the body. There’s a really terrific academic paper titled, “All Disease Begins in the (Leaky) Gut,” that I would highly recommend checking out.

The scientists/researchers of this study quite definitively determine that leaky gut is really the cause of all dis-ease: chronic inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies, etc. When learning that 70-80% of your immune cells are found in your gut, these imbalances begin to make sense. Pair that with the fact that if someone has this cascade of events happening in their stomach cavity, they’re not going to be assimilating nutrition properly; taking in less, while needing more energy to handle the oxidative stress, detoxification (of yours and your microorganism friends’ wastes), to switch on the body’s regeneration capabilities, etc.

Hence the words: chronic & degenerative.

Thankfully though, the gut can be one of the easier root causes to re-balance (so long as you notice the issues in digestion and such early). As mentioned above, the microorganism composition can change quickly over the course of a few days, and even more serious bacterial imbalances like H. Pylori can still be just a few weeks away from resolution.

Please note, the solution is not to use some antibiotic to wipe out whatever strain might be out-of-balance; the answer is to fix the underlying condition that brought about the imbalance, otherwise, even if you kill off the microbial population, it will make its reappearance again.

A couple other items are worth considering in this area: the potential hijacking of hormones, and food for mental health.

Foods that I eat a ton of are raw and fermented dairy; these foods contain the amino acid tryptophan, which can literally boost your mood. Animal testicles (I usually consume lamb or goat) also contain bioavailable testosterone, co-factors, and since it’s an organ, it’s chockfull of other nutrition too. These are also full of B vitamins, which we especially need a lot of today.

Processed foods, and really anything else recommended by Babylon, are not only devoid of all of these living enzymes and hormones, but they are devoid of any semblance of life. All that remains is a marginal amount of caloric energy, and a bunch of toxic garbage to be dealt with by the body — most who have overwhelmed their detoxification capacities will likely store the toxins in fat to keep them out of general circulation, and away from important organs.


3) The Demonization of Cholesterol & Saturated Fat, & Promotion of Rancid Omega-6 Seed Oils

Many “professionals” will absolutely smite an anecdotal example that hasn’t undergone rigorous double-blind experimentation, but thankfully, it’s been years since I’ve given a shit about what some what quack thinks.

(Fun fact: The word “quack” was the denigrating verbiage used to describe doctors who used mercury/quacksilver as a means of treatment. As a demonstration of everything being inverted in this realm, this was actually one of the selling points for Babylon Pharmaceuticals when it came to the CONVID quack-ine — that no adjuvant, i.e. mercury, was used, meaning they literally JUST stopped being “quacks.”)

After years of mostly not giving a shit about myself and lacking energy to pull myself out of the lifelong slump I was in, I made a quite random dietary change.

As a so-called “type 1 diabetic,” I ascertained that a low carbohydrate diet would be advantageous for someone with severe carbohydrate intolerance. Soon after, I went carnivore, and before long, adopted a nose-to-tail carnivore lifestyle. I had dropped 20 pounds within a month or two, reversed a slew of nutritional deficiencies from eating pounds of brain, liver, & raw dairy each week, I was getting ripped without working out, had basically unlimited energy, was sleeping 8 hours a night effortlessly, and literally every other positive metric you could think of…

Though, this was before the time I decided not to give Babylon’s demons any more of my blood, and so I wanted to get some basic tests done to see where I was at then, even though it wasn’t an actual baseline. As any “type 1 diabetic” with elevated blood sugars for a decade, my LDL cholesterol was a bit high.

But despite every other positive metric, my doctor told me I was definitely going to die within a couple months and that I had to go on a statin now. At that time, I was like many others…I told her to write the prescription and was going to start it, but thankfully, Dr. Richard Bernstein, a 70-something year old, 50+ year quite radical “type 1 diabetic”, intervened.

It went like this…I left the doctor’s office feeling conflicted as fuck, and quick-found Dr. Bernstein’s video on the subject; therein, he basically called the doctors criminals for starting children or young adults on this drug so indiscriminately. I was shocked. Most every day, I thank Creator for that intervention, as I now know the detriments associated with all Babylon Pharmaceuticals, especially statins.

A quick lesson on cholesterol metabolism is in order: when someone goes to a doctor for a check-up, they’ll usually get a basic metabolic panel done, which contains the readings of high density and low density lipoproteins, as well as triglycerides (excess sugar that has yet to be utilized by the body). Another reading is sometimes there, namely LDL-C, which is an actual measurement of how much cholesterol is on the LDL raft.

If this individual’s results show that they have, say, low HDL, high LDL, and high triglycerides, it’s almost guaranteed they will get a script for a statin, without hesitation, despite an abundance of evidence existing showing that populations with the highest levels of LDL actually live the longest, and that most patients cardiologists see for heart attacks, strokes, etc. almost always have super low LDL cholesterol levels.

And in the keto/carnivore realms, this is a big topic — many find that when they adopt these ways-of-eating, they see their LDL & HDL increase, and triglycercides decrease. Again, every other metric shows benefit, these individuals have never felt or looked better, and yet their “bad” cholesterol increased.

No, it didn’t: these individuals are giving their body an abundance of materials to rebuild with, and those materials need to be transported to different parts of the body, hence the LDL raft deployed by the liver.

I could spend time presenting and refuting the Babylon pharmaceutical model further, but that has been done at length already; so I will recommend the work of Dave Feldman (his interviews, presentations, & research) and the book, Fat & Cholesterol Don’t Cause Heart Disease (And Statins Are Not The Answer).

(Note: Dave Feldman does a lot of fascinating, radical cholesterol experimentation. After going low carb, his LDL went above 300. In a subsequent experiment, he ate a diet of processed cheese and white bread over the course of a week and his LDL plummeted to below 75…and he looked & felt like absolute shit. He also made me aware of the fact that when you go in for these labs fasted, your body will go into fat-burning mode for energy, which also raises LDL. Seeing the scam yet?)

When you begin to understand that cholesterol is literally the building block for all of our sex hormones, all our cells, is necessary for the synthesis of Vitamin D3 and other reactions, and much, much more, it becomes clear how when one eats a saturated fat and cholesterol deficient diet, they make themselves an easy target of mind control.

There’s also the fact that, as any nose-to-tail carnivore will know, the brain* consists of primarily those two things, animal fat (~4,800mg omega 3’s specifically) and a whopping 4000% (12,122mg) the recommended daily amount of cholesterol in a 4 ounce serving. These are foods I would call “high meats”, as your body will respond positively, almost immediately (even more so if you ferment them).

(*The more raw, the better! Always seek out quality sources!)

One illuminating excerpt from the aforelinked, “Is the metabolic syndrome caused by a high fructose, and relatively low fat, low cholesterol diet?”, that will tie multiple sections of this article together:

“It is commonly believed that the body can synthesize all the cholesterol and fats that it needs, but this may not be true, because the liver becomes overburdened with its many tasks when the diet is so skewed. Furthermore, cholesterol synthesis in the liver, a complex 25- to 30-step process, may be relatively suppressed when insulin is present.”

Are you starting to overstand?

Next, are rancid omega-6 seed oils, otherwise known as linoleic acid. These are products of the Industrial Revolution, and found their initial fame as lubricants. Then, they got the bright idea to start selling them as a cheap alternative to butter, lard, etc. Not only do polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) oxidize far easier and at lower temperatures, but we are only supposed to get so much of them in our diet, with the scale weighed heavily in favor of saturated and monounsaturated fats.

These are usually extracted with super high temperatures, making the fats totally rancid, and with chemicals like benzene. They are totally unfit for human consumption, but you will have a hard time finding anywhere to eat out that doesn’t cook in the shit…better just hope your batch was the first and not the hundredth.

One other interesting side benefit: if you peruse the “seed oil” part of Twitter, you’ll find endless anecdotal examples of people who used to sunburn extremely easily, but after cutting out seed oils, sunburn is a thing of the past. This would seem to indicate that rancid seed oils interfere with Vitamin D3 metabolism in some way (would make sense as a fat soluble vitamin), but even if not that pathway in particular, the results are demonstrable anyway.

Glyphosate is one final offender worth discussing in passing, that can cause similar chaos throughout the entire body. Thanks to the wonderful work of MIT professor, Dr. Stephanie Seneff and her cohorts, we now know that glyphosate is a non-coding analog of the amino acid glycine. The body gets initially confused by the structure of glyphosate, and begins to assimilate it as if it was the proper amino acid.

So let’s say that the body had been assimilating those non-coding analogs of glycine in a particular organ, the pancreas. Within the pancreas, these glycine molecules might be responsible for the production/release of insulin from the beta cells…but what if the constituent that is there isn’t supposed to be there, and actually doesn’t function as intended?

And what does the body do when it recognizes it’s mistake of biological mimicry?

The body will “attack itself” to try to correct the problem, hence “autoimmune disease.” And if you don’t happen to have the microorganisms available to consume & breakdown the waste (maybe due to antibiotics), you could end up with a hanging, chronic conflict that will remain unaddressed…this is my current understanding and experience, at least – Dr. Barre Lando from Alfa Vedic and German New Medicine are a couple pointers.

But the body is never working against you, as the war-like practitioners of allopathy would have you believe. It is always working in concert with you, making whatever biological adaptations necessary to keep you here to fulfill your Will, your Purpose.


4) Sugar, Stress, & Stimulants

At some point, we had to get to the section wherein the vast majority of us happen to be hardcore addicts: sugar and caffeine. What do these two have to do with each other, you might ask? Well, to put it frankly, an overwhelmed adrenal gland is another way to so-called “type 2 diabetes”.

Here’s a scenario: you find yourself alone in the woods, and a bear jumps out. Your adrenals dump adrenaline (and probably other stress hormones) to put you into fight or flight, your pancreas dumps insulin to make energy readily available to your cells, and in particular, muscles & bones needed to escape, and then you run, burning up that energy that was made available.

Now, let’s say you’re at the office in your servile society job and your boss or a co-worker pisses you off. The exact same sequence of events could happen, but you aren’t getting rid of that energy, and you aren’t using up that adrenaline. That’s the first problem. The second problem is that the insulin response is going to cause hunger — it’s like the feeling of “starving”, but without a low blood sugar.

And with the continued secretion of this crucial hormone, the body develops what’s called insulin resistance, which, at its core, is what “type 2 diabetes” is.

The further problem is that in the modern servile society, such irritants and frustrations are not only staples, but there by design. If you’re constantly stressed, worried, in fear, or any other low vibratory emotions, you’re not going to be thriving or living in abundance; you’re not going to be in good health; you’re not going to have the energy or motivation to do what you want or need to do.

In this case, you might develop adrenal insufficiency/burnout; nerves will be totally shot (and hence every little thing being an irritant), your bodies large reserve of antioxidants (the adrenals) will be exhausted, meaning oxidative stress cascades and other imbalances; the adrenals will prioritize the creation of stress hormones over sex hormones, meaning problems with energy/chronic fatigue, pregnancy, and fertility arise. Issues with these latter two are ever more common today, and this is a major reason.

On a more nefarious note, do you know what oxidized adrenaline is? Go ask the George Bush and Hillary Clinton creatures, they would know. Probably best to avoid.

Constantly providing your body with signals of worry, anxiety, and other emotions basically leaves your body in a sympathetic state, unable to regenerate. This isn’t the way humans are supposed to live; and like a wild animal in captivity, it’s surely showing.

Finally, we come to sugar.

My forays into health have led me to this conclusion: there is nothing wrong with the consumption of natural carbohydrates in their natural amounts, when nature makes them available. But today, even around here (central Illinois), grocery stores make a lot of tropical fruits and berries available, even in the dead of winter.

Speaking in terms of hormones, the body would usually try to put away a few extra pounds for winter; but what does your body do when those fattening tools are made available all the time, further disconnecting the individual from cycles of nature?

This is made worse, even, when those carbohydrates are processed, poisoned, and fortified to proportions antithetical to health in the human body.

So, that’s the first thing: just be cognizant of what would naturally be available where you are and take that into account. And secondly, most of our ancestors were naturally low carb — consider cutting back on the white stuff, and if you do partake, choose amazing options like raw, local honey.

There are always solutions.


5) Conclusion: Final Thoughts, My Daily Regimen, & Recommendations

To make this really simple, if you’re overweight or are chronically poisoning yourself, it’s most certainly affecting the way you’re thinking and feeling.

And in terms of mind control, a sick and tired population is a population that’s far easier to control, far easier to manipulate, and far easier to deceive.

But the mere amount of poisons and confusion caused by the medical and pharmaceutical industries is another hurdle. Even if you eat a high quality, nose-to-tail carnivore diet, you could still develop liver damage (i.e. if you aren’t getting enough magnesium), you could develop Vitamin A toxicity from retinol-rich foods like liver, and could potentially develop calcification if sufficient Vitamin K2 (in the form MK4) isn’t present along with Vitamin D3 and calcium; and to make a fine point, you could develop problems if zinc-copper imbalances occur.

This all used to be handled by nature, but the environment is so adulterated, optimal health truly is something you need to take up for yourself. The simple truth is, escaping the toxins of civilization is largely impossible, but there are many things we can do as individuals to improve our own internal terrain, as well as of the soil and environment in which we grow our foods/our animals’ food.

The two most important pieces of advice I could provide are:


If most people did these two things alone, the majority of health problems would disappear. As a shorthand determinant for step 1 (rather than becoming severely overwhelmed investigating the topic), ask yourself if this is something that you would have access to without Big Industry, and furthermore, if your ancestors would have eaten it/had access to it.

As for #2, the most common deficiencies are:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2 MK4
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc & copper if on Standard American Diet
  • Cholesterol/animal fat
  • B Vitamins

But rather than pop a bunch of pills, which is the Pharma way, I consume all of my vitamins/minerals in liquid or powder form, in which they are the most bioavailable. While everyday isn’t exactly the same, here is my baseline regimen to give you an idea:

  • Fulvic Minerals, 2-3x/day
  • Alfa Vedic Enzymes, 2x/day
  • Carbon 60 Black Seed Oil (usually at least 1x/day or when I feel any “symptoms” at all)
  • Alfa Vedic Monoatomics (at least 1x/day)
  • Relevant cell/tissue salts according to my astro-physiology

One note on fulvic minerals, which is something I will most certainly take daily for the rest of my life. For the rundown, check this full guide out, but here’s some highlights:

What are fulvic minerals?

“Organic fulvic acids are created by soil-based micro-organisms (‘SBO’s’) to make minerals and other nutrients assimilable by plants. The SBO’s consume decayed prehistoric plant matter in humate deposits and excrete the substance known as ‘fulvic acid’, or ‘fulvic acids’.”

These are ways in which we can still obtain those trace vitamins and minerals that are totally gone from the topsoil today. Further, fulvic:

  • Is one of the most powerful natural free radical scavengers & antioxidants known
  • Complexes & dissolves minerals and trace elements
  • Enhances & transports nutrients, maximizing bioavailability (take with food!)
  • Catalyzes enzyme reactions
  • Prevents absorption of toxins, pesticides, & even rapidly reduces radioactivity
  • And much more…

These are all liquid supplements, and usually, I’ll add them to a tea in the morning with raw milk. But of course, the best way to obtain your nutrition is through real food.

But what about the more chronic, degenerative “dis-eases”?

I believe, no, I know, that the body is miraculous enough to heal from basically anything, other than maybe the most severe cases of brutality and mutilation by allopathy. Some imbalances may just be more difficult than others; that, and while unbelievable recoveries do happen, sometimes a longer journey of a health recovery is in the stars.

That said, if you’re someone trying to recover from something but don’t where to start, here are some possible ideas:

  • As I mentioned above, candida is extremely common today, due both to the presence of high amounts of sugars in the diet, and also to the high concentrations of heavy metals in basically everything we come in contact with. If you can determine that is the issue you’re dealing with, there are protocols out there that you can try that have shown success – I usually point people towards Dr. Barre Lando/Alfa Vedic, Clive de Carle, and for a candida search specifically, Frank Tufano and the Heal Your Gut Guy.
  • Unless someone is anemic or malnourished, intermittent fasting is a really great idea, regardless of what you consume the other hours of the day. This would mean only eating between a certain window, and consuming only water, tea, etc. the rest of the day. This gives the gut a daily much needed break.
  • Start drinking the hyper-nutritious, fermented water/milk kefir daily. Regardless of the issue, but especially if it’s gut related, you need to be consuming raw and fermented foods – I’m a big fan of high quality dairy and have been fermenting a yogurt-type snack for a couple years. Just put raw milk on the counter sometime, cover it with a coffee filter, and let it ferment for a week or two. Then, filter out the liquid whey, and put the yogurt-looking stuff in the fridge. After it cools some, you can then add blueberries, raw honey, raw cacao, etc., and enjoy. To make your own water/milk kefir and learn more about the extensive benefits, check out this episode of the Perfected Health Podcast.

I’m sure there’s more I could list, but if you’re dealing with something in particular, we always love to help fellow self-liberators restore balance in their body via the P.A.Z.NIA Department of Health & Wellness. Please reach out!

In conclusion, as self-liberators, in most every area of our lives we strive for the most radical forms of freedom and independence, and we need to be doing the same for our health & wellbeing.

While the majority of the servile society is rapidly aging & degenerating, we can adopt the ways of our ancestors and that of nature…

And outlive the coercers.




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