The Path Of A Self-Liberator (Introduction from Vonu: A Strategy for Self-Liberation, 2nd Edition)(Coming September 11)

The following is the brand new introduction for the coming 2nd Edition of my book, Vonu: A Strategy for Self-Liberation. Herein, I reflect on the past four years and all of the crazy, wild shit that has happened…

And the liberated lifestyle that has become a reality today.

Check out the promo video and new foreword by Ben Stone below, and make sure to get pre-order your copy today, exclusively via Liberty Under Attack Publications. Please enjoy!




Back in 2018 when I first published the book you’re about to read, I could have never imagined the journey I was about to embark upon. At that time, I had just decided to quit my newly acquired electrician apprenticeship job that I really enjoyed, largely on a whim, and move to Austin, Texas to live with my former Vonu Podcast co-host, Kyle Rearden.

So, in the span of a few weeks, the entire trajectory of my life changed. It wasn’t planned or even really consciously driven…it’s almost as if my True Will was finally going to make its appearance, whether me or anyone else liked it or not.

After a couple months staying with Kyle in a third-story apartment in north Austin, my situation changed again, and even more radically. He informed me that he and his freemate had found a house and were going to move out ahead of the lease expiring, meaning I would have to take over the exorbitantly priced rent plus utilities on my own if I were to stay there.

Needless to say, I sought out other options – rooms to rent on Craigslist, shared housing, cheap options that I could actually afford in the high-priced servile society lifestyle that is Austin.

I shared my situation with some friends on social media and a buddy of mine, Jason Henza, put forth an interesting proposition. At the end of the month, he would be driving through Austin on his way to Acapulco, Mexico, and that I could ride down and stay with him. He was also generous enough to offer to cover some costs for me, since I was in a tumultuous situation financially.

Of course, my first thought was, “Hell no. There’s no way that’s going to happen.”

But then again, I didn’t really have any other options…and this is exactly the type of adventure I wanted, exactly the type of adventure I needed.

I made the minimal preparations that I could and scrounged up as much fiat currency as was available in the meantime…thankfully, Austin being the mega-city it is, it was pretty easy to find a few temporary jobs on the weekends (major events like Formula One, business conferences, etc.), in addition to a cheap tent camping spot in Liberty Hill for a few weeks before heading really far south.

Leaving some personal (non-vonu) experiences aside, we arrived safely in Acapulco and I got to enjoy a couple months with a somewhat-large anarchist community, in what truly was a tropical paradise.

In terms of bludgies and other State agents, it is undoubtedly better for a vonuan self-liberator. You’re usually just one really cheap bribe away from your freedom, and if you’re a Gringo, they are even more likely to leave you alone. It’s even a lot easier to acquire legal, authentic Mexican identification too, whether it is a driver’s license, registration, etc., enabling prospects for a simplified second identity.

But in terms of private coercion, it really is a dangerous place (though, worth noting, this “private” violence is still essentially State-caused, a result of the War on Drugs – don’t forget about the USSA government literally shipping weapons south of the border too).

My time in Acapulco ended in December 2018, but I had planned on returning for the Acapulco conference that February.

About a week before the conference was set to begin, John Galton was killed and Henza was shot multiple times at John and Lily’s house high up on the mountain…a place I spent a lot of time at, and likely would have been at if I was still in Mexico with Henza.

I’m extremely thankful Henza and Lily are still here with us to share their powerful stories…and may John rest in peace. He was truly a dedicated freedom pioneer.

After John’s death, I settled back in on what is now my homestead in southern Illinois…working at the family distillery, podcasting, and largely, just spending time decompressing alone in the wilderness. This was what I consider the official start to my liberated lifestyle, a lifestyle wherein my time is my own and I am free to follow my passions.

I made some critical lifestyle changes, such as quitting alcohol and adopting a new, much healthier way-of-eating, and gained a whole new take on life. The brain fog was entirely gone, I felt amazing, and I discovered my newfound, front-running passion: learning about health, the miraculous human body, and investigating health modalities to assist individuals in restoring balance in their bodies (i.e. “reversing dis-ease”).

But of course, as per the connected nature of this realm, this rabbit hole of health led to the topics of breakthrough “free” energy, the P.A.Z.NIA Department of Health & Wellness (of which now has an authentic Rife machine, one of George Wiseman’s AquaCure machines, & other amazing supplements/tools)…

And in September 2020, The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA was created; a decentralized network of Second Realms, our own parallel society.

My wonderful freewife and I are nearing food self-sufficiency, our flock currently including: ~12 lambs, a few goats, 30 or 40 birds (chickens, ducks, and turkeys), a half dozen rabbits, a few flourishing gardens, and yearly gatherings of liberation for vetted, traveling van nomads/vonuans.

It’s been a helluva handful of years, but I’ve accomplished the major objective I set out to achieve when I first started digging into solutions way back in 2015: get out of the 9-5 rat race jobs that were literally killing me.

Of course, I’ve got much bigger dreams (living on a sailboat, the eventual acquisition of a decommissioned aircraft carrier for Second Realm purposes, a complete spagyrics/alchemy laboratory, etc.), but I’m eternally grateful to be where I am, and for all of those who have played a part.

With the recent release of the audiobook, I have decided to release this second edition, with the entirety of the main content remaining the same. I’ve added this introduction and an additional chapter at the end with more information, since my experiences are so much greater now. Doing it in this manner means that the audiobook can remain as is, and this additional material tacked on later. Big thanks to Fenix Aurora and Matthew Workman for their efforts on this.

I’ll leave it there for now and let the 2018 version of my Self walk you through the most liberating freedom strategy I’ve ever come across. I wish you the best in your pursuit of freedom, and please do reach out if there’s any way I can be of service.

Always remember, vonu is yours for the making and the Second Realm is yours for the building.

Cheers from The Free Republic!

August 2022
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