The GhostPad: Privacy-Enhancing Laptops Now Available!

Step up your security culture today with a new GhostPad, courtesy of Liberty Under Attack Publications & the hardware hacking expertise of our friend, Jamin Biconik!

Four GhostPad models are now available — a few different versions of the classic Lenovo T420 ThinkPad, as well as the W520, the most powerful model for content creation, CAD/CAM, and other scientific computing fields.


The GhostPad Catalog

1. VonuPad Basic (T420A Privacy Laptop)


2. VonuPad2 (T420B Privacy Laptop)

The GP-T420B GhostPad is a mid-range firmware hardened system powered by a quad core I7 and 16GB RAM. It excels at running QubesOS or any other GNU/Linux OS distribution we offer. The quad core CPU upgrade and 16gb of RAM make for a responsive system with enough hardware resources to run an optimum number of Qubes.


3. VonuPad3 (T420C Privacy Laptop)


4. VonuPad “W” (W520 Privacy Laptop)

The GP-W520 GhostPad is a firmware hardened Lenovo W520 workstation laptop. The ‘W’ series is the most powerful model in the ThinkPad lineup and marketed as a desktop workstation replacement to professionals in the content creation, CAD/CAM and scientific computing fields. It supports twice the maximum memory of the other ThinkPad models of its generation. It also has a discrete professional class Nvidia Quadro GPU with 2gb of dedicated memory .* It supports up to three hard drives/SSDs.

The combination of 32gb of RAM along with a compatible 3rd gen quad core I7 CPU makes the GP-W520 GhostPad workstation among the most powerful firmware hardened systems available. It supports up to 3rd generation Intel I7 3940XM extreme edition quad core CPU up to 3.9ghz and up to 32gb of RAM! This is what sets this model apart from other GhostPads for advanced users.

Particularly for use as a Qubes OS workstation. It enables you to run more ‘Qubes’ at once without running into situations where you have to shutdown a Qube in order to start another one.

*Discrete GPU not enabled by default on GP-W520 for maximum security, as it requires a closed source binary blob to operate. As a result this model cannot output to an additional display. This is the cost of maximum security and 32GB of ram support. If you need display outputs more than 32gb ram support a GP-T520 or GP-T420 with 16gb ram support is a better option.


Defend your communications from the State, the technocrats, and their corporate coercer cohorts: build up your digital armory by ordering a GhostPad (and GhostPhone!) today!

Freedom Boxes, additional GhostPhone/GhostPad models, and additional privacy tools coming soon!


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